Instagram announced Reels in August 2020, adding a popular feature from other top social media apps. Reels currently boasts over 500+ million users every day from all walks of life and across the planet.

People, influencers and brands all use Reels as an engaging and entertaining way to reach their friends and followers. Reels provides a near-endless supply of short video clips produced by everyday people and professionals alike.

Instagram Reel Example

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are an alternative to TikTok and other micro-video sharing services. Reels started as fifteen-second videos but have since expanded its features to include a ninety-second video length. The app gives users high-end video editing tools and the ability to share their video with the world without needing a high-end computer.

A Reel can be created in the Instagram app or video can be imported from another source. The app has editing tools like Speed for making videos slower or faster, and Align to help create seamless transitions between shots. And with the built-in timer, video producers can be sure to capture what’s important.

Instagram provides a library of music licensed for use by Reels that people can choose and add to their video. Modern popular songs often find success first on video-sharing sites. Choosing the exact right fifteen seconds of music can be hard, but Reels makes it very easy to use a popular clip of music that the latest dance challenge videos feature.

How to use Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels is an excellent service for brands as well as everyday people. Brands can use Reels to market directly to their fans and customers. People like to watch entertaining videos, especially from brands they like. Nike gets an estimated 4.5 million views on an average short video shared with their fans.

With over 2 billion monthly users worldwide, Instagram is a very important market most social media manager’s can not afford to miss. Reels continue to grow in popularity every year and social media marketing needs to keep up.

Make your brands’ presence on the internet genuine by entertaining and helping those most interested in your message. A quick How-To guide about your service or showing your product in real-world scenarios are great examples of helping your viewers.

Short videos that are easy to create and share with many people are a great tool for spreading your message. Instagram Reels is a popular marketplace for engaging with friends, fans and customers. A well-made Reel creates value for the brand and the viewer.

Boost your Instagram engagement with Reels

A Reel is more than just a short video shared on a social media website. A Reel is a way for people to connect with other people and organizations in their life, to be entertained and informed. Reels are a modern form of mass communication, anyone can be popular for 15 seconds on Instagram.

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