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Call-Out Culture: How Brands Can Thrive When Consumers Complain

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Online feedback and reviews have shifted power from the brand to the consumer—individuals, regardless of money or status, can call out a brand in a matter of 140 characters. Is your brand capitalizing on this power shift—or suffering because of it?

During this session, we share new research from Sprout’s Q3 Index on the impact of social media call-out culture. Join us to learn:

  • Why online reviews have increased accountability for businessess
  • Tips to embrace the power shift from your brand to your customers
  • How to use social to survive (and thrive) amid negative feedback

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The Presenters

Alicia Johnston

Senior Manager of Content and Communications
Sprout Social

Alicia Johnston is the Senior Manager of Content & Communications at Sprout Social, where she leads a team that creates thought-provoking content and develops integrated marketing campaigns. Her past experience includes managing public relations, internal communications and employer brand at Sprout and for nonprofit organizations. Say hi on Twitter: @aliciabjohnston

Jillian Eyl

Manager, Demand Generation
Sprout Social

Jillian Eyl is the Manager of Demand Generation at Sprout Social where she oversees the design, development and execution of programs that generate leads for the sales force. Prior to joining Sprout, she managed Demand Generation programs at SAVO and was a Teach For America Corps Member in Milwaukee where she developed a knack for solving tough problems (and a keen appreciation for cheese curds). Find her on Twitter @msbiz_chicago