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Healthcare Social Marketing in 2018


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Webinar Details

Healthcare and life science organizations face a number of unique marketing challenges.

The increasing importance of online marketing coupled with more stringent industry regulations to comply with doesn’t leave a ton of room for creative freedom.

You may be asking yourself how it’s possible to stay HIPAA compliant and engaging at the same time.

Whether you’re a marketer in healthcare, hospital, dentistry, pharma or any heavily regulated health & life sciences industry, come join our webinar to discuss healthcare-specific best practices, strategies and the current lay of the land.

Sprout Social is excited to welcome the healthcare marketing experts from iProv, as well as our own internal healthcare pros, to a session covering all things healthcare.

We’ll be covering a handful of topics, including:

  • How healthcare marketing has evolved in 2018
  • Trends we see in the world of healthcare marketing
  • How to stay compliant yet interesting on social
  • Anything that may come up in the Q&A session!

The Presenters

Chelsea Stockdale

Social Media Manager
iProv, LLC

I would say creativity and branding is definitely something I have a knack for. I’ve been involved with social media marketing and branding for my health and wellness blogging website for a little over 2 ½ years now. As a blogger, I’ve been able to create and cultivate various relationships within the blogging community as well as connecting with wellness brands as ambassadors or influencers for their company!

Michael Patterson

Demand Generation Specialist
Sprout Social

Michael enjoys writing about all things social media, and his insights can be found on Adweek's SocialTimes, Social Media Today and Social Media Examiner. When he isn't pouring over blog posts he can usually be found exploring Chicago's unique neighborhoods and breweries. Find him on Twitter @MPatterson22

RJ Martino

President and CEO
iProv, LLC

The passion I have for my profession stems from a natural sense of curiosity. I like figuring out how things work and why they work. Give me a tough problem, and I’ll find a solution. Let me know what you’re trying to accomplish, and I’ll develop a plan of attack. I have worked with governors, presidential candidates, and hundreds of clients all over the country. Talk to me about your business goals and I’ll put a team in place that can reach them.

Sara Guevara

Enterprise Account Executive
Sprout Social

Sara is an Atlanta-based Account Executive with a background and passion in healthcare, health insurance, and SaaS marketing software. She loves her dog Dottie, her city, and the great outdoors. Find her on Twitter @saramguevara