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Back to the Future: Elevate Creative Performance with Nostalgia and Innovation

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What if we told you time travel was a tried and tested strategy you could apply to your marketing efforts? It might sound crazy, but this is exactly what LinkedIn Creative Labs have proven and will be sharing in this unique webinar.

After successive global crises, we’ve all wanted a break from the news cycle. LinkedIn Creative Labs have proved this feeling has permeated the performance of online content. Increasingly, we’re seeing that people want to go back to happier times and respond eagerly to nostalgic content. Others want to look ahead and respond positively to hopeful, futuristic content. 

Want more engagement and conversions on your content? Learn to adapt your content to your audience’s deep desire for “the good old days”and better days ahead.  

In this exclusive webinar, we’ll explore: 

  • The role of emotion in marketing content
  • Topical and timely marketing content to cultivate a community
  • Experimenting without re-imagining your entire brand identity
  • Real-life examples from brands who’ve successfully (and not so successfully!) weaved nostalgia into their branding


Cat Anderson

Cat Anderson

Sprout Social

Cat is the Head of International Marketing at Sprout Social. She’s passionate about innovation and creating authentic experiences through digital marketing. Besides marketing, Cat enjoys live music in all its forms and training her terrier pup.

Kimberly Richter

Kimberly Richter

Kimberly Richter specialises in applying behavioural science to product marketing. As a freelance consultant, she helps her clients to communicate their promise to their customers in a clear, simple and human way. She has consulted with over 46+ companies (Coca Cola, Unilever, Nespresso and Microsoft to name a few), and trained over 278 product and marketing professionals in applying psychology to their work.

Wensy Antoli

Wensy Antoli


Wensy endeavours to surface and tell inspiring stories in all the ways they’re told – through words, pictures, moving image, experiences and everything in-between. Wensy is passionate about visual content and its power to drive emotional impact and action. At LinkedIn, she helps brands and agencies unlock the creative potential of the platform, via creative exploration, ideation and collaboration.

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