It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy.

This week we’re profiling a real-world Twitter Success Story. We’ll show you how Logos Bible Software — a leading provider of provider of multilingual tools and resources for Bible study — was able to boost its website referral traffic and increase sales by using Twitter as its flagship promotional tool.

Communicate in the Language of Your Audience

March Madness

According to the Bible, Jesus used popular communication methods of the day, like parables and informal language to effectively identify and connect with his audience. Logos Bible Software has been incredibly successful using the same basic approach with its followers on Twitter. It has taken a subject — Christian Bible study — and popularized it by tweeting about it in terms that resonate with its target audience.

For example, Logos has come up with its own take on College Basketball’s March Madness, pitting its authors against one another in a fun, lighthearted competition that will be familiar to most sports fans. Logos builds excitement and fosters engagement with its audience on Twitter by using sports metaphors and jargon, as in the tweet below.

March Madness

This approach of mirroring the interests and tone of its audience has been immensely successful for Logos. “This campaign has generated over 100,000 votes already,” says Nathan Smoyer, Marketing Manager and primary tweeter for Logos Bible Software.

Consistency is Key to Conversions

Logos Bible Software

Mr. Smoyer says that above all, “consistency has been the most important and effective Twitter marketing strategy,” for Logos Bible Software. “We tweet a Daily Deal every day of the week, which is promoted through the #DailyDeal hashtag,” says Smoyer. This gives people an incentive to follow the @Logos account very closely, which in turn allows Logos to build a huge following of loyal fans. Mr. Smoyer says that as a result of this consistent Twitter promotion, “Daily Deal sales have increased 38 percent, 1st quarter over 4th quarter.”

Every Monday, Logos publishes a blog article that’s automatically published to Twitter, featuring a certified trainer of its software. “We have a team of customer service people who monitor Twitter for questions about out software,” says Mr. Smoyer. Followers have come to know that they can comment and ask questions about the software in an interactive environment on Twitter.

Because Logos Bible Software does such a good job getting its information out on Twitter, many of its customers use it as their primary means of keeping abreast of new authors, new promotions and new products from Logos. That being said, Twitter is also one of the best website traffic referrers to Logos’ website. “We’ve seen a 40 percent increase in website traffic referred from Twitter, 1st quarter over 4th quarter,” says Smoyer. Whether customers get their information about Logos directly from Twitter or are referred to the main website from Twitter, it’s a win-win situation for Logos Bible Software.

Just as “a good tree produces good fruit,” you too can produce successful results from Twitter using the strategies employed by Logos Bible Software.

Do You Have a Twitter Success Story?

Have you achieved some serious business goals using Twitter? Has it increased your sales, have you recruited some great talent, or have you gotten some great publicity for your business as a result of Twitter?

If so, we’d like to hear from you and possibly feature your business in an upcoming Twitter Tip Tuesday article.

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