For over two years now, every Tuesday we’ve highlighted one Twitter tip and showed you how to implement it into your social media strategy. Twitter Tip Tuesday has proven to be immensely popular since its inception in November, 2010. In that time, we’ve covered a lot of ground when it comes to bringing you useful Twitter tips.

For instance, we’ve highlighted productivity tools like, and Twitter landing pages like Twylah. We’ve shown you the basics of what to do after creating your very first Twitter account, and even explained why it might be a good idea to create a second Twitter account!

We’ve shown you how to leverage Twitter’s own resources to find useful information, and we’ve highlighted how Sprout Social can integrate strategically within your Twitter activities as well.

We Want to Hear More of Your Twitter Success Stories

We Want to Hear More of Your Twitter Success Stories

Twitter Tip Tuesday - A Look Ahead

One of the sub-features of Twitter Tip Tuesday that has also been well-received is our focus on specific Twitter Success Stories. These are real-world examples of individuals and businesses using Twitter to help promote everything from books, to oysters, and from a 160 year old bank, to contemporary Christian rappers!

In other words, it’s quite evident that many of you are using Twitter in creative ways to promote your businesses — perhaps in ways we can’t even imagine! So, looking ahead in 2013, we’d like to highlight even more of your Twitter Success Stories. Have you raised funds for your startup or your non-profit using some unique Twitter tactics? Maybe you’ve sold out a venue or partnered with an artist you met through Twitter.

Whatever your Twitter Success Story is, we’d like to hear it. Of course, we’re always looking for something a little more tangible and inspiring than “we added 1000 followers in one week,” or “our tweet got retweeted 100 times.” We want to know the real businesses successes that can come from effectively leveraging Twitter — things like increased sales, new partnerships, or new opportunities that simply might not have come to pass were it not for Twitter.

The other side of that coin is also of interest to us (and our readers). How did you achieve your success on Twitter? Did you create a new Twitter chat or host an innovative Twitter party? Did you leverage the networks of other influential tweeters, or did you develop an app that interfaces with Twitter? The more unique, effective, or instructive your Twitter Success Story is, the more likely it is to get published in our series.

We’re proud to have a loyal reader base and an impressive number of monthly visitors — both of which are growing larger all the time. So, having your story published for the benefit of our readers translates into benefits for your brand as well!

If you’ve got a great Twitter Tip or Twitter Success Story to share, please let us know. In the meantime, here’s to a happy and prosperous New Year, with our cups overflowing with Twitter success in 2013, and beyond!

[Image credits: Rosaura Ochoa, U.S. Embassy New Delhi]