Twitter is reportedly testing a feature that would highlight relevant tweets from nearby members, something that could certainly have an impact on local information and advertising. Currently Twitter is a great resource for finding out what’s happening around the world in real-time; however, its local relevance could use a bit of work. All Things D reported that the company is in the process of remedying that.

According to “multiple resources,” Twitter is testing a feature that will let members discover tweets from people within a certain distance of their location, regardless of whether they’re following each other. The company already factors in location when suggesting content within the Discover tab and when serving ads. It seems like a natural progression to bring integrate location more closely with tweets.

Likely a result of a recent hack week the company held at the beginning of April, a number of employees have been testing the feature in the Twitter app ever since. Twitter. It’s unknown whether Twitter plans to add the feature to the Discover tab or the main timeline — the test hasn’t even been confirmed by the company, which hasn’t returned requests for comments.

Should location play a larger role in tweets, it would be especially beneficial for local businesses, advertisers, and events. A sporting event or concert, for example, would likely be a strong use case. It would also give Twitter another leg-up on competitors like Foursquare, which has increasingly been upping its local discovery and recommendations game.

For now, businesses looking to reach local customers will have to do so through ad targeting and strategic hashtag campaigns. We’ll keep you updated as more details regarding Twitter’s test are released.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Stew Dean]