While Twitter’s 140 character rule might seem limiting at times, it hasn’t stopped marketers from incorporating the platform into their marketing strategies. But in addition to tweeting, there’s a lot more your business can do in 140 characters, and Twitter wants to help you find out.

The company has relaunched Twitter for Business, an online resource for brands and businesses to learn the best practices for using the service. There, you can find information on everything from mastering the basics and building your community to how to use Twitter Ads and industry-specific case studies.

With 200 million active members, Twitter has become the largest real-time conversation online. The platform is home to a global dialog about everything, including your business. And while being present and active in those conversations is critical, it’s not the only thing that marketers should take advantage of.

As Twitter highlighted in its video (see below), the platform has helped hundreds of brands and businesses reach its customers in an authentic, sometimes surprising, and unobtrusive way. The company highlighted Morton’s Steakhouse, which surprised a customer at the airport with a steak dinner after he tweeted his wish — a request that, at the time, seemed pretty far-fetched.

The company demonstrated that not only was it listening, but it was prepared to act. And by doing so, Morton’s created thousands of loyal customers, some who hadn’t even been to the restaurant yet, just because it went above and beyond for a weary traveler — something that might not have been possible without the real-time link provided by Twitter.

Whether you’re just starting out, growing steadily, or the leader of your industry, it’s likely that you’re already using Twitter as a way to connect with your customers. And while what’s above is just one example, there are several other case studies and learning resources available for you on Twitter for Business. It’s never too late to learn something new.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Nate Bolt]