Last December, Twitter introduced Brand Pages in an effort to strengthen its relationship with advertisers. Two months later, it appears that the newly designed pages are being rolled out to businesses in the UK.

Brand Pages enable you to develop marketing pages for your brand – similar to how Facebook Pages – on Twitter. The pages feature rich content, customizable banner advertisements, and the ability to feature a tweet on the top of the page.

One requirement is that you must have already spent $25,000 on Twitter ads – either Sponsored Tweets or Trending Topics – just to be qualified. This shouldn’t be a problem for many national brands; however, it can be a challenge for smaller businesses.

Currently little information is available regarding Twitter’s UK roll-out, but you can see examples of the new Brand Pages in action by going to the Twitter profile of Cadbury, EA Sports FIFA, Asda, or Sky HD.

If you’re interested in creating a Brand Page for your company, use this as an opportunity to show off a more human side to the company. A recent study found that too much of a “corporate feel” deterred users from engaging with a brand on Twitter.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Coletivo Mambembe]