Twitter has long favored its iOS and Android apps, only recently bringing BlackBerry users up to speed in terms of functionality. Today, the updates continue as Twitter announced support for mobile targeting.

In February, twitter began displaying ads in its official mobile apps in addition to desktop services. Last month, the company gave advertisers the ability to target specific devices or the ability to broadcast across all platforms at once.

Starting today, you will also be able to target BlackBerry users, in addition to those using iOS and Android. Promoted Tweets on BlackBerry will be displayed at or near the top of members’ timelines.

Twitter promises that the mobile experience will be the same as the desktop experience. Promoted Tweets will appear just once in timelines. As people scroll, these tweets will flow with the rest of the tweets. And, as usual, Twitter will only display Promoted Tweets when relevant.

By adding BlackBerry support, Twitter has given you even more access to its user base. It’s now easier than ever to target anyone using Twitter’s official mobile and web apps.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Honou]