Twitter continues to woo television networks through a partnership with the National Football League announced this week. As part of the deal, the social network will make football highlights and other content available to fans directly through tweets.

This initiative is part of Twitter’s Amplify program, which allows broadcasters to embed shot video clips in tweets in real-time. In turn, those clips are sponsored by an advertiser, which will then promote the tweet and run a short pre-roll ad before the video.

As The Wall Street Journal reported, a different NFL team will be responsible for tweeting out the content every week, including in-game highlights from Thursday night games on the NFL network, and clips from games on other networks such as CBS and Fox. Fans will also receive news, analysis, and fantasy football advice.

This move provides a ton of value for fans, who are consuming news and highlights through social media and mobile more than ever. A 2012 study found that 48 percent of the fans surveyed use social media to access video highlights and written articles about their favorite leagues, teams, and players.

It also poses a great opportunity for NFL brands. The partnership not only creates more awareness for teams and players on Twitter, but it significantly expands the audience that can view NFL content on mobile phones. Currently fans can subscribe to mobile apps offered by the NFL and cable providers, but anyone with Twitter can view Amplify highlights.

This is a big opportunity for the NFL to take advantage of Twitter’s real-time nature and broaden the conversation around its teams and players on social media. The Journal doesn’t state when fans can expect to see official NFL video tweets, but the partnership reportedly covers the regular season and the playoffs.

Twitter Amplify launch in May, but already has signed the NBA and other major networks like CBS, A&E, Bloomberg Television, and Clear Channel.

[Via: The Verge, Image credit: Josh Hallett]