In May, Twitter announced the beta release of Twitter Amplify, which lets marketers continue the story of their TV advertising on the social platform. Early results revealed that the impact of television ads was significantly greater when paired with Twitter than when used alone.

With that in mind, Twitter announced that its TV ad targeting product is now available to all advertisers running national TV commercials in the U.S. The company also added a new set of analytics to its TV Ads Dashboard, which will help advertisers track the success of Amplify campaigns.

Over the last few months of testing, brands like Adidas, Holiday Inn Express, and Samsung saw significant improvements to key brand metrics. Consumers identified as being exposed on TV and then engaged with a Promoted Tweet demonstrate 95 percent stronger message association and 58 percent higher purchase intent compared to those exposed to TV alone.

Advertisers using TV ad targeting generated engagement rates that were 27 percent higher than their historical averages. For more information regarding early testing, you can read testimonials from some of Twitter’s business partners in the company’s blog post.

Twitter also introduced a new set of analytics that extend the capabilities of the TV ad tracking analytics introduced last month. With the new analytics, advertisers using Twitter Amplify will be able to better understand what consumers on Twitter are saying about their ad campaigns. You’ll have direct and easy access to member feedback on TV creatives, which can then be used to optimize your Promoted Tweet campaigns.

The company has already proven that it’s a valuable asset to the entertainment industry — a majority of online public conversation around TV currently happens on the social platform. If you’re a brand or content producer interesting in trying Twitter Amplify, contact your account team or visit

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: Sarah Reid]