Today Twitter and CBS announced a partnership that will involve cross-platform promotions on Twitter and TV. Through the social network’s Amplify program, viewers will see CBS and brands promote sports and news clips within Twitter’s feed.

First introduced in May, Twitter’s Amplify program allows broadcasters to embed short video clips in their tweets in real-time. In turn, those clips are sponsored by an advertiser, which will then promote the tweet and run a short pre-roll ad before the video. This lets brands target people watching a particular show and lets network pull viewers in by posting relevant content.

Although Amplify’s launch partners included BBC America, Fox, and The Weather Channel, signing CBS is still a big win for Twitter. A network executive told TechCrunch that the partnership will involve 20 of the company’s brands and 42 of its shows, including 60 Minutes and CSI.

With this partnership, Twitter is continuing an ongoing effort to leverage its popularity with TV viewers. Watching TV has become more of a social experience, and the two have become increasingly more entwined over the past year. Just last month the company began testing a “Trending” box that displays links to popular TV shows.

Expansion to include a wider variety of content couldn’t have come at a better time. Other social platforms are beginning to go after TV networks — just look at Facebook and Dancing With the Stars — and expanding beyond the initial sports-related testing will help Twitter continue its reign over TV viewers.

What will be even more interesting is seeing on the partnership impacts not only CBS and its participating shows, but what kind of metrics advertisers report. The pre-roll ad, although familiar to YouTube viewers, might be a bit surprising to Twitter’s audience at first. Brands are trying to cut them to only a few seconds so as not to turn viewers away.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Phelan Riessen]