We’re excited to share that Sprout Social has been named one of the best software companies for 2021 by G2. In total, Sprout is featured in eight categories on G2’s list, including Highest Satisfaction Product, Best Product for Enterprise, Best Product for Marketers and Best Product for Customer Service. This recognition is especially important to us as it is based solely on reviews from our customers. As a company we dedicate ourselves to delivering solutions that empower our users to make a real impact on their businesses with critical data and insights, flexible tools and an intuitive user-experience—seeing that work recognized in the reviews of our customers is humbling.

Our customers’ success is our top priority and we’re grateful for the opportunity to support them as they navigate an ever-changing landscape. This past year, especially, accelerated digital transformation across businesses and increased the reliance on social as a primary communication channel. The Sprout platform enabled users to not just respond to those changes, but thrive in this new environment, and we look forward to our continued partnerships with all of our 25,000+ customers.

G2 releases their list of best software companies annually to recognize leaders in product performance and user satisfaction. The list is created with data from more than 1M verified customer reviews on the G2 platform. Here is what our customers had to say:

“This is an ideal platform to extract real business value from social networks through tools and functions that provide effective publication, participation, analysis, reports, among others.”

“There are experts available at every turn and the support available is unmatched (not even close) by competing services. In an age of tech, customer service and going the extra mile is SO appreciated.”

“Social listening has been incredibly valuable to our team as well in particular during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to have a pulse on the public’s opinion has helped us tremendously as we respond to the patient’s needs.”

“The user experience is well designed, adding additional profiles is a snap, and the interface and speed far outstrips every competitor I’ve ever used.”

If you’re a Sprout user and are interested in sharing your experience with others, please visit us on G2, or if you’re new to Sprout, get started with a free 30-day trial.