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To that end, we’re pleased to present the Sprout Insights series Spotlight on Startups. We’ll find the most innovative, useful startup companies out there, get the inside track on what they’re doing, and tell you how you can leverage their products and services for your own business.

This week we’re pleased to cast the spotlight on Macon Raine — a results-oriented marketing agency based in Aurora, IL.

What Is Macon Raine?

What Is Macon Raine?

Spotlight On Startups - maconRaine

On the surface, Macon Raine might appear to be a traditional marketing agency, but its simplified operating philosophy that “most business problems are solved by more customers and more revenue” is what sets it apart from its competitors, according to Macon Raine’s founder, Ben Bradley.

Bradley’s company offers a variety of services to its clients, including lead generation, media relations, content creation, branding, and more. Mr. Bradley says that Macon Raine’s ideal clients are smaller organizations, with relatively long (or “negotiated”) sales cycles. These types of companies don’t typically have a marketing team behind them, and can benefit from a results-based marketing agency to help them convert prospects to sales, according to Bradley. As Macon Raine cautions right on its website: “If you think a new logo, a pretty spokesmodel or a new font will make a difference to your top line this quarter, we’re not the agency for you.”

What Needs Does it Address?

What Needs Does it Address?

Ben Bradley freely admits that his impatience is one of the primary driving forces driving forces behind Macon Raine. As he puts it, “we are not that patient and our attention spans are short” but as a result, his team is always laser-focused on the bottom line for its clients.

“We don’t do what most other agencies do,” says Bradley. “We don’t charge by the hour or by the time we spend on a project. We charge based on a relentless drive to execute the marketing strategies we create for our clients,” he adds.

Bradley says that in his target market, there’s a common, “giant problem.” Most customer databases used for customer relationship management and sales prospecting contain “dirty data” he says. According to Mr. Bradley, the average small business doesn’t have the resources to mine this data for sales leads, let alone scrub it for errors.

Because he kept seeing this problem over and over again, Macon Raine decided to think outside of the traditional marketing agency box and create its own product – Clean My CRM — to solve this problem on behalf of his clients. “We solve client problems — whatever they may be,” says Bradley. “If there isn’t a solution in the marketplace that can solve a client’s needs, then we’ll build it” he adds.

This steely determination and advocacy for its clients is hard work, and goes well beyond the purview of a typical marketing agency, says Bradley. But Macon Raine’s efforts have paid off handsomely both for the company and its diversified client base. The company has grown by over 80 percent, year over year, since 2010, according to Bradley.

How You Can Leverage Macon Raine

How You Can Leverage Macon Raine

In a nutshell, if you run a small to medium-sized enterprise, and your products or services have a relatively long sales cycle, Macon Raine is confident it can help you convert sales that otherwise might be languishing within ineffective databases or poorly executed marketing strategies. Even if you’re not in Macon Raine’s target audience, you can still reach out to Ben and his team to get an honest, unvarnished assessment of where your business is at right now.

Bradley is also an advocate of using the best-in-class tools, whether it’s a customer relationship management application, a social media management tool, or a professional accounting platform. If you represent a product or service that can assist Bradley’s clients (so he doesn’t have to build those tools himself), then Macon Raine wants to hear from you too!

Contact Macon Raine through its website, on Twitter or through its Facebook Page.

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