Last year we introduced new ways to use Sprout’s publishing calendar, including message volume indicators, message tags and the ability to export for offline use. Today we are pleased to announce even more additions to improve your team’s collaboration and campaign management.

Full Visibility Into Your Content

Because content planning requires paying special attention to every detail, the new list and month views allow for quick access to full message text and details. Depending on your review needs, now you can switch between the higher-level month and week views—great for identifying and filling publishing gaps—and the more detailed list view. Dive into the list view (with the option for large or compact messages) to reference a message’s author, profiles, tags, full message content and more.

Calendar Month View

Swift Navigation With Custom Date Ranges

Gain insight into messages from specific time ranges using the new date picker. The drop down menu on the right side of the calendar lets you choose your beginning and end dates for viewing content. As you evaluate your content and share your calendar, specific date ranges allow you to become more flexible and granular with what’s visible.

Calendar Custom Date Range

Reference & Reuse Content

Your past content can be just as important as what’s coming up, so we’ve made it easier to find and repurpose published posts with the Sent Messages filter. Now you can view your sent messages alongside your future content to learn how to best fill the empty time periods in your calendar. If your posts have performed well or you’d like to share them again for higher engagement, use the new Duplicate Message feature to copy or slightly tweak the message to schedule it again for the future.

Calendar Week View

Share & Move On

Sprout offers many publishing features built for seamless, online collaboration, but in some cases it’s beneficial to join forces outside of the platform. For example, agencies working to create content on behalf of their clients may find it easier to share their posts with a stakeholder outside of Sprout. Now they have the option to send the calendar via PDF directly from Sprout (Professional and Advanced plans), making your full content plan instantly available to anyone.

Calendar Export

After clicking Export PDF, you’ll have the option to send the PDF via email. Enter your email recipients, hit Send and move on to the next task without leaving the Sprout platform.

These publishing calendar updates are the newest additions designed to help you plan collaboratively and easily share valuable content with stakeholders. Stay tuned for more updates to the publishing suite and as always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback.