Pinterest has rolled out a minor design change that offers members additional customization options and better representation of their pinboards.

The company’s recent redesign changed the way your pins are displayed on your profile. Instead of featuring nine small images, you now see one big one and four smaller ones, which change and rotate as you continue pinning.

Today, Pinterest has tweaked this design and has made it possible for you to customize the pin that represents your board. These Board Covers will take the place of the larger image, and the four smaller ones will still fall below it.

“One of the most requested features was the ability to choose a pin to be the cover for each board,” Pinterest stated in today’s blogpost.

To change your featured image, mouse over the board you want to edit and click “Edit Board Cover.” From there you will be able to scroll through your pins and choose which image you want to use for the cover. Just click “Set Cover” and you’re done.

You can also set your Board Cover while you’re browsing within your board. Just mouse over any of your pins to select it. We noticed some lagging when we tried this out, but every new feature comes with a few kinks.

Although minor in size, this update could have a big impact on brands that use Pinterest as part of their marketing strategies. Board Covers are attention-grabbers; not only do you have to be creative when naming your pinboard, but now you must choose a strong image to represent it.

[Image credit: Megapixel Eyes]