Insights New Message Indicator and Preview

A little over a month ago we launched our brand new Smart Inbox loaded with tons of updated capabilities to help you better manage your social messages. Today, we’re excited to release two new features that will help you more effectively manage your social messages across groups.

If you work within two or more groups in Sprout, new message notifications and previews give you visibility into new messages from other groups without having to actually switch groups. Whether your objective is to lower response times for a better customer experience or to save yourself time by operating more efficiently, having visibility across inboxes is an effective way to stay organized and prioritize workflow.

New Message Indicator Preview

Notifications for New Messages in Other Groups

Visual indicators now appear on the surface of the group menu when you have new messages in another group. When you see a green dot appear on the group menu, click and follow the dots to see which of your groups have new messages. Regardless of which group you are currently working in, the visual indicators help you stay on top of all your messages coming in across all your inboxes.

Preview Other Inboxes Without Switching Groups

Preview Other Inboxes Without Switching Groups

Now, you can view all your groups’ inboxes at a glance. Hover over a group’s name in the group picker menu to see a preview of the latest messages from each group’s respective inbox. In addition to the messages themselves, you will see the familiar message-level indicators letting you know if you or a teammate has replied to the message, assigned it as a task, or marked it as complete.

Keep in mind, the new message notifications and message previews reflect the Smart Inbox filters set when you were last in the inbox for that group—this includes Profile, Message Type and Brand Keyword filters.

Stay Efficient—Even While Managing Lots of Groups

As your business grows and as social is adopted deeper within your organization, having visibility into messages across inboxes can help you manage your groups and profiles more efficiently.

Whether you use groups to organize different social channels within your own business or to effectively manage multiple clients’ profiles, these two features will further streamline your workflow.

As always, let us know if you have any questions or feedback!