How to Add a Google Plus One Button to Your Company BlogIncluding social sharing buttons on your content page is one of the best ways to get your blog articles seen by many people. These buttons make it very easy for readers to share your content on their social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

When you click a Google +1 button on a blog article, your Google+ account icon will appear alongside that article in Google search results conducted by your Google+ connections. You can also configure the +1 button to share blog articles to readers’ Google+ circles. Now that we’ve identified its main features, here’s how to add a Google +1 button to your company blog.

Add a Simple Google +1 Button

Add a Simple Google Plus One Button

The good news is that Google has made it very easy to add the Google +1 button to your company blog. For example, if you want to include a basic +1 button that tallies the number of times people have clicked the +1 button for your article, simply add the following JavaScript anywhere where you’d like the button to appear on the blog page.

JavaScript for a simple Google Plus One button

Note: Actual JavaScript can be copied and pasted from Google’s +1 for developers page.

Customize Your Google +1 Button

You can customize the size, look and feel, and placement of your Google +1 button, as seen in the image below. Make your changes, click the “+1 preview button” link and the customized code will be generated in the text field just below your button options. Copy and paste this code anywhere you’d like your customized Google +1 button to appear on your blog.

If you’d like to include a customized “snippet” that allows people to share your content to their Google+ account after they click the +1 button, you’ll need to use the more advanced coding options, as seen in the image below.

Customize Your Google Plus One Button Snippet

You can modify settings like the “Page Type”, “Title”, and even include a description that gets published when people share your content to their Google+ circles. Your customized code will be generated in the text field just below the snippet options. Copy and paste this code according to the location you selected with the “Markup Location” radio button.

Note: Actual customization options can be found on the Google +1 for webmasters page.

Additional Benefits of a Google +1 Button

Additonal Benefits of a Google +1 Button

According to the Google +1 FAQ page, “content recommended by friends and acquaintances is often more relevant than content from strangers.” Furthermore, it states that “+1’s from friends and contacts can be a useful signal to Google when determining the relevance of your page to a user’s query.” So, although Google doesn’t explicitly say that content enabled with the +1 button will rank higher in search engine results, it implies that adding a +1 button may make your content more relevant in the eyes of Google — which is a very good thing!

In addition, Google states that +1 annotations that appear next to search results may entice more people to click through to those pages. In other words, it’s very likely that adding a Google +1 button to your company blog will result in better search engine optimization, and ultimately, higher page views for your content.

Finally, if your company blog is running on WordPress, you can find a number of plugins to help you add a Google +1 button to your blog — without having to mess around with code at all. If you go this route, however, be sure to use only the reputable plugins available through the website.

Do you have a Google +1 button on your company blog? Have you noticed an increase in traffic to your blog as a result? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image credits: quickonlinetips, Aleksandar Cocek, Jackson Carson, Lisa B]