Although Google has been focused on integrating its products, the company continues its foray into social media by launching a Google+ Share button.

The Google+ Share button can be embedded on your website or blog and encourages visitors to share your content directly to Google+. What makes this button different from those used by Facebook and Twitter is that individuals can click to share multiple times with a variety of people.

The button will change color from red-on-white to white-on-red after it’s been clicked. Additionally, a share count along with some highlighted friends who have already shared the page will appear next to it.

What’s confusing is how the Share button differs from Google’s existing +1 Button, which acts more as an endorsement — similar to a Facebook Like. The one-click +1 Button is public by default, shows up in search results, and appears in the +1 section of your Google+ Page or Profile all before you’ve entered a message or target audience. The Share button isn’t public by default and requires additional clicks to publish to your Google+ feed.

We’re a little skeptical about the success of this button. While you understand the difference, your visitors might be confused as to why there are two Google+ buttons available on your site. However, if you’re interested in trying the Share button, visit Google Developers to get the code.

[Image credit: Jon Lee Clark]