Earlier this year, Facebook launched Verified Pages and profiles to help people find the true accounts of prominent public figures and popular brands on the platform. The social network has released an update this week which makes it easier to find verified accounts through its iOS app.

Facebook has now passed 1.11 billion monthly active users. Of those, daily active users passed 665 million during March 2013, and the number of monthly active mobile users reached 751 million. With that kind of popularity, members are bound to come across a copycat or two. Adding the verification status to mobile Pages is a smart and necessary move.

People looking at popular Pages and Profiles on an iOS device will now see a blue badge — similar to Twitter’s blue checkmark — next to the names of public figures and businesses. This enables consumers to quickly determine if someone is who they say they are. As more people adopt mobile, this is a good way to ensure your customers are reaching out to the right company.

Despite the wider rollout, it appears Facebook is still hand-picking the accounts that are eligible for verification. According to documentation — which hasn’t been updated since the feature’s initial launch in May — not every profile and Page will be verified. It’s still not clear what the company’s verification process entails.

At this time, it’s impossible to request to have your profile or Page verified. If anyone knows of fake accounts that are impersonating you, your business, or your brand, Facebook encourages you to report them. Currently the company hasn’t announced plans to bring the verification symbol to additional mobile platforms.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: kkirugi]