If marketers have learned one thing over the past year, it’s to never get comfortable on a social network. Facebook has confirmed that it’s testing some significant design changes with a small percentage of members in hopes of making Timeline easier to navigate.

The new version replaces the thumbnail pictures for Friends, Photos, and Map with tabs — you might remember these from the pre-Timeline days. In fact, the Map is gone altogether from the front page and can now be found under the “More” tab.

There is also a new “About” tab at the top of the page. Clicking on it will reveal all of the information an individual has given Facebook, as well as a full list of his or her friends. If you continue scrolling, you’ll eventually get to Photos, although the Photo tab will get you there much faster.

It’s hard to tell if this test affects Facebook Pages as well as profiles. If it does, it could leave marketers with a bitter taste in their mouths after customizing their thumbnails — especially those who rely on apps. But before you start cursing Facebook, keep in mind that this is just a test.

If you recall, the social network began testing another version of Timeline in November that put all of your posts into a single column. That change still hasn’t rolled out for a majority of its user base, and there’s no confirmation that it will.

We wanted to make you aware of this test in the slim chance that your Page or profile is included in it. Otherwise, we recommend that you focus on the current Timeline and make sure that your cover photo complies with the new text requirements.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: J’ram DJ]