Facebook recently began testing a new module that recommends additional Pages after an individual clicks Like. Now it appears the social network is prompting members to like Pages related to URLs shared in the News Feed.

Some Facebook members are seeing prompts in News Feed to Like Pages related to the links shared by friends. For example, if someone Likes a post from a friend who shared a link to the New York Times, Facebook might prompt that person to Like the New York Times Page directly from that post.

The feature, although aimed at helping members discover relevant content, could help Pages collect more Likes — and perhaps deterring others from pursuing fake Likes. Additionally, it could lead to better connections that will help to improve ad targeting and Graph Search.

A drawback of the new prompt is that it’s unlikely Pages will be able to track which Likes are coming from it. Also, Facebook hasn’t released any additional information about the prompt, so it’s unclear whether it’s available to only media or if brand Pages will be promoted when someone shares a link to your website.

If it does become more widely available, brands and small businesses will receive a bit of free promotion within the News Feed. While it probably won’t compete with Facebook Ads, it could lead to a small boost in fans.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Denis Dervisevic]