Twitter Expanded DM Character Length-01

From expanding the character limit to relaxing the follower status rules, Twitter Direct Messages have become more open than ever. These updates, in large part, make private communication between Twitter users both more accessible and more effective. Today, we are pleased to announce that many of these recent changes have been promptly incorporated into all relevant areas of the Sprout platform.

With today’s updates, it’s now even easier to carry on one-to-one communication with people who are reaching out to your brand on Twitter. Whether someone is asking for information while making a buying decision, inquiring about customer-service-related issues or just offering feedback, the greatly expanded character limit and more open lines of communication enable people and brands to engage in deeper conversations.

Keeping the Conversation on Twitter

One of the greatest benefits of pursuing customer care on Twitter is that—given the public, conversational and real-time nature of the platform—a single Tweet can do more than resolve an individual issue. Direct Messages provide an effective back channel for brands and consumers to take the conversation private when necessary—for example, to share personal account information.

Previously, the 140-character limit on Direct Messages drove social care agents to ask a follower for an email address—attempting to move the conversation to a channel that could support lengthier explanations or step-by-step instructions. One challenge with this workflow, however, was that the customer chose to reach out on Twitter, perhaps because the channel offered a more personal, timely connection.

Now, with a much greater character limit (10,000), it’s easier than ever to keep the conversation on Twitter and provide comprehensive support without asking a customer to change channels.DM

Removing Barriers to Communication

In addition to a greater character limit, brands can take advantage of more open lines of communication to connect with Twitter users via Direct Messages. By integrating these latest Twitter changes, Sprout enables you to reply to anyone who sends you a Direct Message, regardless of whether that person is following your handle. Sprout also supports a new Twitter setting so that you can receive Direct Messages from anyone, even if you don’t follow them.

This expanded DM functionality—allowing users to send/receive DMs to/from anyone, regardless of whether they follow each other—is supported everywhere in Sprout that DMs are available, including:

  • Receiving and replying to DMs from the Smart Inbox
  • Replying to DMs from Conversation History
  • Switching from Public Reply to DM in the reply screen
  • Initiating a DM from the Contact View screen

Note: To receive DMs from anyone, you must opt in to this functionality by enabling Receive Direct Messages From Anyone from your settings security page on

Open Communication Creates Progress

Twitter is an extremely efficient communication channel that affords brands the opportunity to build lasting, value-driven relationships. By making sure these updates are available to Sprout customers as quickly as possible and continually growing our relationship with Twitter, we aim to provide the most effective platform to power your social communication—whether you’re using Twitter for social customer care or otherwise.

If you have any questions or feedback, please Tweet us @SproutSocial.