Team Report Update Animation Blog

Sprout’s Team Report has been redesigned and enhanced to include powerful new reply metrics for analyzing customer service efforts. Offered in the Professional and Advanced plans, the report enables teams to better evaluate efforts of individual social agents.

What’s New?

In addition to the current publishing metrics, the enhanced Team Report breaks down response metrics by agent so you can easily distinguish your rockstars from individuals that may not be fully contributing to the team. With the new profile picker, you can view agents across all of your networks but still dig deep into individual profiles.


View agent-level metrics across all selected profiles. Within the Team Report, Replies, by Team Member lets you analyze an individual’s total response number, average response time, reply thread size and more.


The Replies, by Profile, by Team Member section helps you to understand how agents are responding to incoming messages within their assigned networks.


How to Use the Revamped Team Report

Whether you’re a local support team with regular business hours or a global team with coverage around the clock, the Team Report enables you to analyze efforts across your full social customer service spectrum.

Reactive Communication

Monitor reactive social customer care and ensure customer service levels are met and goals are reached. Track the response efforts of each agent in the Replies, by Team Member and Replies, by Profile by Team Member sections of the report.

Preemptive Communication

Preemptive communication is important to keeping customers informed when problems or disruptions arise before they come to you. Ensure your team is communicating preplanned or known service issues using the Publishing section.

Proactive Communication

Stopping issues before they start is a big win for social customer service. Use the Publishing section to benchmark efforts of employees that post “how-to” and best-practice content to proactively surprise and delight your customers.

The New Case Performance Report

To compliment our enhanced Team Report, we’ve also released a new Case Performance Report. By transitioning the Case activity data into its own dedicated report, you can now dig deep into how your team is using Cases to stay productive. The Case Performance Report is available in Professional and Advanced Plans. Learn more about our latest report.

As always, if you have any questions please sound off in the comments section.