A partnership with Sprout Social helps TechSmith’s social media team successfully engage across its 26 social media profiles by making it easy to share useful content, respond to all incoming messages and stay coordinated internally.

Social Drives Adoption, Customer Happiness

TechSmith’s social media program is primarily focused on driving retention and evangelism by keeping its users happy and successful, and by helping them find new ways to use TechSmith products. The core social media team, along with help from others in marketing, sales and HR, manages the program around a set of four key objectives:

  • Read through every message in the inbox
  • Reply to every message that warrants a response
  • Provide useful content to existing and future customers
  • Involve others across the TechSmith organization when appropriate

A Four-Part Social Strategy

As its audience and number of profiles grew, TechSmith needed a way to engage with customers at scale while ensuring it wasn’t missing messages.

  • Read through every message in the inbox

    Given a small core team and numerous occasional users that cover rotating shifts, TechSmith needed a tool that made it easy for anyone to pick up where the previous person left off. Sprout’s Smart Inbox affords the ability to respond, task or archive a message, so anyone can jump in where the last person left off to get through the inbox each shift.

  • Reply to every message that warrants a response

    By taking action on every message, TechSmith knows its gotten back to each and every person that required a response. And with Sprout’s conversation history, it doesn’t matter who last interacted with a specific customer—the full history is displayed to the person responsible for responding at that moment.

  • Provide useful content to existing and future customers

    Sprout also helps TechSmith publish useful content for its audience. TechSmith heavily uses the Sprout Queue to ensure it always has tips to send out to customers. By using ViralPost, TechSmith ensures the tips are sent out at optimal times, removing the effort of deciding when to post and optimizing performance.

  • Involve others across the organization

    Because of Sprout’s usability, new people on the team—or people from other parts of the organization, such as a content specialist, HR manager or customer service representative, can easily and quickly jump in and help manage the inbox.

“Sprout makes it easy for our entire team to respond to customers on social—and to know we’ve gotten back to each and every one.”

— Daniel Foster, Social Media Strategist

Bigger Audience, Better Engagement

Since partnering with Sprout, TechSmith has coordinated 29 staff members to manage dozens of social profiles with minimal training required. The organization has been able to achieve its goals while keeping up with steadily increasing message volumes. Specifically, it has achieved a:

  • 17% increase in engagement
  • 5x increase in followers
  • 2x increase in number of tips shared daily

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