Marquette University recognized that social media is an increasingly effective and relevant way to communicate with more than 11,000 enrolled students, 110,000 worldwide alumni and thousands of prospective students. Whether it is answering student questions, dolling out study spot advice or virtually following Father Marquette around campus, the University needed to be engaged, interesting and relevant to stand out among hundreds of other educational institutions. However, because Marquette’s multiple departments each manage their own social channels and profiles, they organized their efforts before jumping in head first. Therefore, the school partnered with Sprout Social to streamline their communication, improve team workflow across the university, help foster a consistent social experience for their audience and accurately measure their results along the way.


Like many higher educational institutions, Marquette faced mounting challenges in their social media efforts across departments, that in some cases, included:

  • No Standardization

    Siloed social profiles, divergent messages, slow responses, duplicate efforts led to overall inefficiencies.

  • Disjointed Implementation

    Varied social voices, publishing tactics and measurement practices hindered ability to define success.

  • No Strategic Oversight

    Divisions required independence to engage respective audiences, which led to limited consistency.

Strategy & Implementation

Marquette tapped Sprout Social as a centralized platform to enable social media collaboration among the University’s multiple departments. Using the platform, Marquette was able to:

  • Bring multiple departments on to one centralized platform to encourage team collaboration, consistent messaging and streamlined strategy implementation.
  • Develop best practices for all social communication to ensure the University brand is positioned as a leader in higher education.
  • Give individual departments flexibility to engage their own communities but with increased visibility among the University’s social strategy leads.
  • Create consistent goals and success metrics for all social communication, brand messaging and analytics in the short term.
  • Implement uniform reporting among all departments so comparisons can be made and needed improvement can be discovered.


Since using Sprout Social, the Marquette team has better positioned the University for long term success by increasing social engagement with past, present and prospective students. Major successes include:

  • 140 percent increase in Facebook fans and 40 percent increase in Twitter followers over the course of a year.
  • 86 percent increase in total social interactions and 26 percent increase in mentions and retweets year over year.
  • Improved workflow by assigning tasks, viewing team activity in real-time and sharing customer information within Sprout.
  • Sprout’s task assignments turn social exchanges into support tickets and easily capture queries with just one click.
  • Consistent reporting across all departments measures success and quickly identifies gaps.
  • Social channels now seamlessly educate a variety of audiences and position the university as a social leader in higher education.

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