Today’s online shoppers expect seamless purchasing experiences that save them time, money and inconvenience. Klarna, a Stockholm-based financial technology company, specializes in “smoooth” shopping. With their buy now, pay later service and all-in-one shopping app, consumers get a frictionless, innovative retail experience.

As Klarna continues to launch in new international markets, expand its network of retail partners and grow its customer base, which is over 90 million strong, social media is a critical business function.

Social has been instrumental in helping the company build brand awareness, provide customer service and engage its followers while also acting as a key source of business intelligence. With social data and analytics, powered by Sprout Social, Klarna can understand what makes their customers tick.

Social media is a huge asset for getting the message out to our customers and giving us the insights we need to effectively engage them.
Rickard Berggren
Marketing Manager & Global Content Creative, Klarna

Leading with customer-obsessed social content  

Klarna has a set of principles that guides everything they do—one of them being “customer obsession.”

“One of our primary goals is to grow our user base, but first, we must understand our customers’ needs and how using our ‘smoooth’ shopping services can improve their daily lives,” said Rickard Berggren, Klarna’s Marketing Manager & Global Content Creative. “Social media is a huge asset for getting the message out to our customers and giving us the insights we need to effectively engage them.”

Klarna is available in 17 countries (and counting). In each of those markets, Klarna’s features, regional regulations, and customer behavior and preferences vary.

Rather than relying solely on their global social strategy to support their goals, Klarna has regional teams and strategies in each market, with the majority of their focus on Instagram. This enables their marketers to be even more customer-obsessed, as they can hone in on the specific needs of their regional audiences, create localized content and foster relationships with their followers, while still reinforcing global campaigns.

Klarna Instagram post of a branded street mural in the UK.

While regional marketers focus on building engaged communities, Klarna’s global brand account acts as a virtual storefront that showcases the brand’s identity, company news, product-focused “edu-tainment” content and major campaigns.

Klarna Instagram video post highlighting their app's functionality.

A centralized social management solution for distributed teams

Just like their customers, Klarna’s social marketers are scattered all over the world, but Sprout acts as a centralized social media management hub for Klarna’s social accounts.

In Sprout, each regional team has its own group space, which gives them autonomy to manage their content publishing, community engagement and performance. However, Klarna’s central brand team can bring every account into focus, which is critical for reporting on content, follower growth by market and global campaign performance.

“When we have all of our social analytics for each account side-by-side, we can analyze, compare and act on what’s working globally and in each market. If a local market is doing really well in some aspect, we can highlight that and try to replicate it in other markets,” said Berggren.

Sprout’s analytics also fuel Klarna’s customer obsession. In addition to using the Post Performance Report to determine which content formats are most valuable for engaging their audiences, Klarna’s team uses custom Inbox Rules to track sentiment.

“I set up rules based on keywords and emojis that are very clearly positive or negative so that when we receive comments on our content that includes those, it’s collected in Sprout’s Tag Performance Report. This has been a good temperature check on how our content is being perceived beyond comments and likes,” said Berggren.

Keeping Klarna’s brand campaigns running smoothly

Global brand campaigns are the connective tissue between Klarna’s central brand and regional teams—managing them successfully requires reliable social media solutions.

In June 2021, Klarna launched its #GetSmoooth campaign with musician, “fashion killa” and Klarna investor A$AP Rocky to inspire people to “step out from the global fashion hibernation.”

Klarna Instagram post highlighting the brand's partnership and campaign with A$AP Rocky.

Social has been a linchpin for the campaign’s rollout and success. As part of the campaign, the central brand team deployed an Instagram challenge for people to share their best post-lockdown looks. On top of that, they developed new branded content, stickers for Stories and social templates for their regional social teams. Those teams customize the templates for their audiences and collaborate with local influencers to propel the campaign forward in their markets.

With so many moving parts and the involvement of such a high-profile celebrity, having a reliable social media management tool is essential. Sprout enables Klarna’s social teams to efficiently schedule content, capture brand mentions and messages including the #GetSmoooth hashtag, and closely track campaign KPIs across markets.

Results show that it’s smooth sailing for Klarna

Just one month after the launch of the #GetSmoooth campaign, Klarna’s global brand Instagram account’s average daily impressions increased by over 1022% and total engagements by 505% compared to the previous month.

Looking beyond the campaign, in the first half of 2021, the brand’s total Instagram impressions across accounts exceeded 1.2 billion.

Business is booming for Klarna, and with support from Sprout, it’s smooth sailing on social.

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