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The social team for the International Hockey Federation (FIH) has a big job to do. As an organization, FIH doesn’t represent one team or even just the teams of one country. It’s the single international governing body for the sport of hockey and indoor hockey across more than 130 countries.

Where a typical team’s social audience is limited to its own fans, FIH’s social pages have to cater to the fans of every single team within the organization. This massive audience presents several challenges for the FIH social team, including the difficult task of managing a mammoth library of visual assets, maintaining consistency across multiple content contributors and catering to a global audience.

Score One for the Asset Library

The majority of FIH’s social posts consist of year-round event and game coverage, hype and celebration. FIH Digital Manager Nikki Symmons is often in a different country every week, traveling from event to event to provide real-time updates. She credits Sprout’s Asset Library with her ability to quickly locate what she’s looking for amongst the myriad of team logos and visuals at her disposal—an otherwise daunting task while on the go and under the time constraints of a live event.

“Our team frequently shares assets across Dropbox, email and a variety of other file sharing mediums,” Symmons said. “But the last thing you want to be doing during an event is hunting down and downloading a bunch of different assets to create a post. It’s brilliant to have everything in one place to pull from in the Asset Library.”

FIH asset library

Man-To-Calendar Coverage

With the organization’s event schedule ramping up, the workload—and the team—is about to undergo significant growth.

“As to be expected from a quickly growing team, sometimes we see people begin to do their own thing with content, which can be a challenge in terms of consistency,” Symmons said.

Not only does the Asset Library allow for quick file retrieval, but shared assets also allow for greater consistency across multi-sourced content. As does Sprout’s Publishing Calendar.

Symmons uses the Publishing Calendar’s monthly view so she can monitor for consistency, as well as any content gaps that may need filling.

“We’ve got multiple contributors pumping out content on a regular basis, including an agency we work with that puts content right into Sprout where I can review and approve it,” Symmons said. “Having the bird’s-eye view of the Publishing Calendar is really, really helpful.”

FIH social media publishing calendar

A Goal for Global

Because FIH represents the sport in its entirety as opposed to an individual team, it has to talk to the entire world of international hockey fans. That means posting content around the clock, publishing across different time zones and appealing to some very diverse audiences.

“Not too many brands have to have a 24-hour presence on social,” said Eric Gaydos, FIH’s Customer Success partner at Sprout. “That’s where Sprout’s advanced scheduling and publishing features really come in handy.”

Symmons and her team can schedule overnight posts in advance to maintain an active presence on their social channels at all times. And the Smart Inbox makes it easy to catch up on any messages or mentions they miss over the course of the night.

Maintaining a 24-hour, global presence on social, managing multiple contributors and cranking out quality content under time constraints is made simple for FIH by Sprout Social’s powerful publishing and team workflow features. Even a small team is capable of winning on social with the right tools.