Hurrdat is a digital marketing agency that uses the Smart Inbox and Brand Keywords to curate user-generated content for 35 clients with more than 55 profiles across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“Sprout’s Smart Inbox is the first place where we see what content is doing well based on what comments are coming in,” says Justin Van Nostrand, Paid Media Strategist. “This helps inform our social strategy for all our clients.”

Brand Keywords make curating UGC simple. Using Sprout, Hurrdat implements industry-related hashtags and keywords for monitoring across networks. Brand Keywords let the team identify advocates and curate and create content to share with their clients’ communities.

“Sprout is an essential piece of any social campaign we run,” says Krista Vogel, Agency Director. “It’s the foundation of what we do.”

For a digital agency, monitoring discussions related to a client’s industry is a must. Sprout takes it a step further by enabling agencies to share UGC and drive deeper engagement.

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