As a full-service digital agency in São Paulo, B-Young specializes in designing social strategies and delivering creative content for a diverse set of clients. From the soccer star Kaká to the beloved Japanese character Hello Kitty, the agency manages 70+ social media profiles for an impressive roster of 15 brands worldwide. This tall task is made much easier by using Sprout Social as a central platform for all of its online communications efforts.

Herding Cats

As the major agency of record for Hello Kitty in Latin America, B-Young is charged with managing the Japanese brand’s social accounts in seven markets. That requires B-Young to be light on its feet—adapting its strategies to reach different audiences in unique ways at various times.

Sprout Social provides the right tools to stay nimble. With its seamless design—replete with all the necessary features to run full throttle—Sprout empowers B-Young to communicate effectively not just on behalf of Hello Kitty in Latin America but for all 15 brands in its global portfolio.

With the help of Sprout Social’s Smart Inbox—which integrates all messages and tasks in one central stream—B-Young manages a high volume of consumer demands (especially during holiday campaigns), guarantees that no message is left unanswered and identifies new ways to engage with audiences around the world.

Sprout’s Publishing feature also enables B-Young’s clients to approve social campaigns before any content goes live. This ensure that all posts are delivered to the right channels at the right time, allaying client concerns about any potential missteps or misfires. And with Sprout’s Reports tool, B-Young can produce client-ready reports in near real time to decipher what’s working and what needs to be reconsidered.

Together, all of this has led to a 30% reduction in the time spent managing clients’ social media accounts—freeing up B-Young to spend more energy sharpening creative while pursuing new business.


Since B-Young partnered with Sprout, it has been able to:

  • Reduce the time spent managing its clients’ social accounts by 30%.
  • Prioritize customer service issues.
  • Improve response time to customer inquiries by more than 50%.
  • Identify engagement opportunities with consumers and brands.
  • Recognize initiatives and content that were successful and replicate them.
  • Build and hone social strategies based on Sprout analytics.

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