ANSYS produces some of the most advanced engineering simulation software on earth. More than 45,000 customers in the aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, energy, and many other industries rely on their products to accurately simulate cutting-edge innovations and to help turn their design concepts into successful products.

The Challenge

Limited time to focus on social metrics

Sandy Adam, the Global Manager of Social Media Marketing at ANSYS, has long understood the important role analytics play in measuring impact, guiding content creation, and fine tuning social media campaigns.

But Sandy had a challenge—as a team of one, she was solely responsible for managing all of ANSYS’ social media marketing and outreach. She wanted to dig deeper into ANSYS’ performance metrics, but managing social campaigns took all of her attention.

Sandy’s conundrum was that even though she had plenty of native analytics at her disposal, she didn’t have sufficient time to aggregate her findings or draw meaningful conclusions from the data. This made reporting on her progress a challenge, and learning from successful campaigns nearly impossible.

The Solution

One solution to gather and share metrics

Sandy knew that if she wanted to refine and optimize her social programs, she needed a simple solution that would cover the full breadth of ANSYS’ social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. She also needed a system that would compile important analytics for her in easy-to-interpret reports.

Sandy’s solution? Simply Measured. She weighed her options carefully and landed on Simply Measured because they supported all the channels she needed, and allowed her to compile data in an intuitive, visual manner.

Simply Measured has eliminated the old frustrations of manual data entry by gathering all of Sandy’s most important metrics in one place. Now, she can easily share metrics with interested parties, track ongoing social campaigns, and dig deeper into why and how certain campaigns were successful.

The Result

Increased engagement & more social campaigns

ANSYS’ audience has now swelled to over 200,000 people, and their social engagement continues to grow by approximately 19% year-over-year. Sandy’s been able to facilitate this impressive growth thanks in part to the insights she’s gained from Simply Measured.

Now, whenever she launches a new social campaign, she is able to measure engagement on posts for that specific campaign and track mentions of her campaign hashtag. She then delivers these fresh insights to her colleagues, who are often encouraged to incorporate more content into their marketing upon seeing tangible proof of ROI.

Sandy’s saved so much time on manual data entry that she’s even managed to increase the number of social campaigns she can run successfully at one time by about 30%. Now, instead of being stuck in a “spreadsheet nightmare,” she’s able to find data quickly, focus her campaigns, and invest her time in strategies that are working.

“With the time we save and the insights we gain, I have no doubt we are getting a return on our investment in Simply Measured.”

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