Earlier this year, Facebook introduced Reactions and gave users the ability to respond to a post with something other than a Like. Now, users can express themselves and react to posts they read with emojis ranging from shock to anger. In turn, Reactions represent a new way for businesses to measure engagement on their posts.

Today, we’re excited to leverage access to Facebook’s latest data source and introduce Reactions into Sprout’s Sent Messages Report. Now Sprout users can differentiate how Facebook users engaged using Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry reactions to analyze sentiment.

The Sent Messages Report helps businesses understand engagement metrics around each published message. In Sprout’s report, Reactions are segmented individually and measured in aggregate for each post. Users can export the report into a CSV file and analyze Facebook Reactions and how their Facebook content resonated with their audience.


By quickly implementing the new Reactions metrics into the Sent Messages Report, Sprout users will enjoy unparalleled visibility into informative Facebook analytics.