Crowdsourcing is the act of collecting services, ideas or content through the contributions of a large group of people. Typically, the “crowd” in crowdsourcing is a third-party unrelated to the business seeking results. You may crowdsource insights from customers and online communities, rather than employees or shareholders.

The term “crowdsourcing” first appeared in a Wired article by Jeff Howe in 2006. The word highlighted a new way of connecting with people willing to work collaboratively on a project.

Types of crowdsourcing 

Crowdsourcing is a rapidly growing industry with multiple subsections. The kind of crowdsourcing you choose will depend on the outcome you’re looking for:

The benefits of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing offers significant benefits to companies hoping to complete complex tasks on a budget. Additionally, asking for the wisdom and input of the crowd elevates customer engagement and improve brand reputation. Crowdsourcing:

Tips for better crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is an excellent way to overcome challenges and simultaneously create buzz for your brand. However, like any company campaign, crowdsourcing requires careful planning and strategy. Make sure you: