Today some of the content on Quora is attracting more than one million views per month and upwards of 10 million annualized views. The company expects that some writers will cross 20-30 million annual views in the near future.

In anticipation of this milestone, Quora has launched an analytics dashboard the provides insight into the performance of posts, breaking down questions and answers by views, upvotes, and shares.

Quora Stats, available on desktop and mobile, demonstrates that the Q&A site is a platform where people can build a brand and audience. Although there are no plans for writers to monetize their content, providing analytics helps creators understand the impact of their content, as well as the reach of what they write and the size of their audience.

Today’s Stats, for example, gives you easy visibility into what’s most popular by bringing together several key metrics — including views, upvotes, and shares — on one page. Quora has also clarified what counts as a view and provided a clearer distinction between public views and overall view count.

The new Stats, which will be rolling out over the next couple of weeks, will replace the old Views page. Additionally, it will be available on the web and on its iOS and Android apps. When it has been enabled for your account, you’ll see an announcement above your home feed.

Quora might not be a priority when developing your marketing strategy, but you should dedicate some quality time to it. Not only can providing well thought out answers help position yourself as a leader in a specific topic, but it can also help increase your company’s SEO and identify potential leads.

[Via: Fast Company, Image credit: Dennis Brekke]