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Sprout makes it incredibly efficient to engage with customers across multiple social channels. Try it for 30 days.

A New Engagement Metric

Sprout’s new Response Rate metric shows, in real-time, how well you’re responding to important messages.

Track Response Times

Identify gaps in coverage and build an army of customer service heroes with our new Average Response Time metric.

Data Visualization & Insight

The new Engagement Report provides insight on team interactions (Premium Plan only). Expose trends in social engagement by day & time and see how you stack up against profiles with similar message volume.

Smart Inbox Means You’ll Never Miss an Important Message

Engage with your entire audience with Sprout’s single-stream Smart Inbox. View all of your social channels and profiles at once and easily keep tabs on the complete social conversation.

Brand Keywords Keyword results delivered straight to your inbox so you can engage or task seamlessly.
Isolate Filter to focus on specific messages based on group, account, source and even message type.
Additional Tools to Boost Engagement

Assign Tasks

It’s critical to get your customer’s inquiries into the right hands to ensure quick response times. Assign messages to your teammates for optimum efficiency. Ensure you’re assigning messages to the right person with real-time availability. Find out more about Collaboration Tools »

Turn Messages into Support Tickets

Generate a HelpDesk support ticket from any social message. Create, track and manage support issues in Zendesk and UserVoice without leaving your social media dashboard. ZenDesk and Uservoice Find out more about HelpDesk »

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