You get as much out of your social media channels as you put in. But between must-adopt platforms and the rise of short-form video, keeping up with digital demand is only getting harder. So it’s never been a better time to explore social media management services.

When we say social media management services, we’re referring to the social media agency world—organizations that live and breathe social media. They can be years-long partners, or campaign-based resources, which is increasingly popular.

If you don’t have the resources to grow or train a social team, an agency is a must. If you do, an agency can spark new ideas, prevent burnout or provide a much needed load lift—social media teams say that bandwidth is one of their number one challenges. And with more than half of marketers anticipating hiring between two to six new positions, teams are in dire need of more help.

Bar chart depicting how social media teams' biggest challenges have evolved from 2019 through 2022

Let’s dive into how hiring a social media management agency can supercharge your social channels while empowering your team.

What do social media management services include?

Whether you’re looking for a long- or short-term partner, hiring an agency is a big investment. You’re probably asking yourself: Will I get enough bang for my buck?

Social media management services do more than simply “post on social.” From providing content support to spinning strategies, agencies provide a team’s worth of creative, strategic and tactical support for your social channels.

On a broader scale, they connect you to an unparalleled level of expertise that can extend beyond social—23% and 13% of agencies in our agency pricing and packaging of social media report offered SEO and PR services, respectively. And with 22% of agencies saying that they offer paid social as a dedicated service, the impact of an agency can ensure you get the most out of your digital spend.

A green graphic ranking the social media services agencies offer most often.

By partnering with an agency, you benefit from the social media tools they use. The agencies in our Agency Partner Directory, for example, use Sprout Social to power publishing, reporting and more for their clients.

Depending on the agency, specific services can include:

  • Manage social media accounts: This can include post publishing, developing a social media marketing strategy, conducting audits and more.
  • Craft a social media content schedule: Creating content and maintaining a content calendar, which can provide a creative boost.
  • Social moderation: When you’re stretched thin, it’s too easy to leave out the “social” part of social media. Agencies may offer this in a variety of ways—it may fall under social media management, or under a dedicated community management service.
  • Manage contests/giveaways: Giveaways can quickly get messy and can violate some platform’s rules. Outsourcing contest management to an agency with experience in this area can prevent missed details.
  • Ideate and run advertisement campaigns: Paid social and organic social strategies often require different tactics. Agencies that offer paid social as a service can guide, optimize and track paid advertising campaigns.
  • Reporting and track performance: Lean on an agency to pull performance data for you, and to provide data-backed strategy recommendations.

9 stellar social media management agencies for your brand

There are many social media management services out there. Narrowing down which ones are right for you, your team and your brand can feel like a challenge.

To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of 9 social media management services agencies from our Agency Partner Program that can supercharge your strategy. Read on to explore the industries they specialize in, services they provide and to hear about each of them with descriptions written in their own words.

1. Drop & Hook

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management, Paid Social, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Recruitment Marketing
  • Industries served: Marketing & Advertising, Nonprofits, Transportation
  • Headquarters location: Maplewood, New Jersey, US

In their own words: When you work with Drop & Hook, you can count on our team to bring more than a decade of experience to the conversation. We’re experts in building employer brands, creating trucking trends, engaging niche communities, and making email open rates climb. But more importantly, we’re good listeners. We’ll take the time to learn your business, get to know your unique audience and develop your brand’s voice. Then we’ll build the solutions you need to know that social media and content marketing are simply handled.

It’s Drop & Hook’s specialty that gives them an extra edge. “We were built to serve the transportation and logistics industry,” Michelle LeBlanc, Founder & CEO of Drop & Hook tells Sprout. “In addition to being experts in social media and content marketing, we offer industry expertise on trucking, warehousing and the entire supply chain, which helps us get up to speed more quickly with new clients and immediately understand the challenges they’re facing.” To directly serve clients, Drop & Hook uses Sprout for monitoring, scheduling content and for sharing drafted content with clients to ensure the right notes are hit. “We especially rely on Sprout’s analytics capabilities to help us track and report on performance over time, and identify trends and insights to build our strategy.”

A screenshot of Drop and Hook's homepage displaying an image of a truck.

2. Full Blast Creative

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management, Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Paid Social, PPC/SEM, SEO, Web Design
  • Industries served: Computer Software, Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Government Administration, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Marketing & Advertising, Professional Services, Real Estate, Sports, Travel & Hospitality
  • Headquarters location: Canada

In their own words: Full Blast Creative is an award-winning, Canadian, full-service marketing agency. We offer a broad range of digital and traditional services including: web design, web development, ecommerce development, social media marketing, SEO/ SEM, email marketing and print campaigns. Full Blast Creative provides creative solutions servicing the legal cannabis industry, real estate, tourism, retail, finance and the oil and gas sector.

A screenshot of Full Blast Creative's homepage displaying two buttons. One to look at success stories, another to tell them about your project.

3. Hoyden Creative Group

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management, Paid Social, Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, PPC/SEM, PR, SEO, Video Production, Web Design
  • Industries served: Computer Software, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Government Administration, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Internet, Information Technology, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Real Estate, Travel & Hospitality
  • Headquarters location: Adrian, Michigan, US

In their own words: We don’t just talk brand. We live it. Strategy is at the heart of everything we do and the result is a brand and marketing agency who is looking out for your best interests. We’re not selling you a marketing service. We help you uncover the right decisions for your unique business and brand. That means we truly become a member of your team and can provide an outside perspective and consultative approach that drives the growth of your organization.

A screenshot of Hoyden Creative Group's dark homepage displaying text that says targeted strategy: unleashed creativity.

4. Interlace Digital

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management, Paid Social, Consulting/Strategy, Lead Generation, PPC/SEM, Web Design
  • Industries served: Consumer Goods & Services, Food & Beverage, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Marketing & Advertising, Professional Services, Travel & Hospitality
  • Headquarters location: Manhattan Beach, California, US

In their own words: The performance marketing partner for modern brands. Interlace delivers high-end digital marketing solutions and integrates with your existing business to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and deliver custom analytics to prove the value of our work. Our remote team spans across the U.S. with a West-coast team office in Manhattan Beach, CA, and an East-coast team office in Buffalo, NY.

Whether you want to grow your Instagram by 10k followers or add 6-figures in new eCommerce revenue, talk to Interlace before making your next move.

A screenshot of interlace digital's purple homepage with text displayed boldly that says social and paid media for ambitious brands.

5. Kelly Bateson Media

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management, Paid Social, Content Marketing
  • Industries served: Automotive, Computer Software, Consumer Goods & Services, Education, Entertainment, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Government Administration, Hospital, Health & Wellness, Internat, Information Technology, Marketing & Advertising, Nonprofits, Professional Services, Publish Relations, Real Estate, Sports, Transportation, Travel & Hospitality
  • Headquarters location: Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

In their own words: “Working with us, you receive the service quality of a freelancer, but product quality of a large marketing firm,” CEO & founder Kelly Bateson tells Sprout. With over 20 years experience, the team at Kelly Bateson Media is a highly conscientious company who focus on a high quality of service to clients who are looking for a sustainable long term social media marketing strategy.

Kelly Bateson Media uses Sprout’s community management and reporting features to empower their clients. “We develop and execute custom digital marketing strategies to help you capture, nurture and close new clients, increasing revenue in your business.”

A screenshot of Kelly Bateson Media's homepage.

6. Pinckney Marketing

  • Stand-out services: Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Social Media Management, Paid Social, Content Marketing, Video Production, Web Design, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, PPC/SEM, PR, SEO, Recruitment Marketing
  • Industries served: Marketing & Advertising
  • Headquarters location: Charlotte, North Carolina, US

In their own words: Located in Charlotte, North Carolina; our firm has been marketing with purpose since 2011. We serve clients across the U.S. in various verticals including, but not limited to: technology, healthcare, financial, manufacturing, and professional services.

Through our purpose-driven marketing, we connect you with your ideal audience. We distinguish your unique selling positions and communicate them in a way that makes a true connection with your audience through strategic marketing initiatives.

A screenshot of Pinckney marketing's homepage with a quote that says modern marketing doesn't follow a straight line.

7. Quaker City Mercantile

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management, Branding, Consulting/Strategy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Production
  • Industries served: Food & Beverage, Marketing & Advertising
  • Headquarters location: Philadelphia, PA, US

In their own words: Our home city, for which we’re named, was the birthplace of democracy, electricity and American beer and spirits. Our mission is nothing less than a New Enlightenment, to return manufacturing and mercantile back to their rightful place as the centerpiece of human experience.

 A screenshot of Quaker City Mercantile's homepage with a collage of colorful photos depicting their previous work.

8. Ten Acre Marketing

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management, Marketing, Public Relations
  • Industries served: Agriculture, Food & Beverage
  • Headquarters location: Grand Forks, North Dakota, US

In their own words: Ten Acre Marketing positions brands to advance agriculture, founded on the belief that the right combination of strategy, passion, and creativity can launch a brand from good to great. We focus on agriculture. This is what we know, how we live, and what we love. Our passion is driven by creating meaningful connections between those that put food on our plates and their customers. Ten Acre Marketing engages each client with fresh eyes and open minds, holding up businesses as they reach and exceed their objectives through strategic and targeted work. Each client is unique –just as our expertise from the field to the trade show floor, we are positioned best to advance your agriculture business.

A screenshot that shows the homepage of ten acre marketing and text that says they are an agriculture focused agency driven by strategy, big ideas and real farmer insight.

9. 3sixfive Pro Limited

  • Stand-out services: Social Media Management
  • Industries served: Automotive, Consumer Goods & Services, Food & Beverage, Marketing & Advertising, Travel & Hospitality
  • Headquarters location: Barnstaple, UK

In their own words: We are 3sixfive. Social media, community & review management. 365 days a year, 8am-10pm, 3sixfive is providing highly personalised, reactive Community Management, Review Management and Social Media Management for some of the UK’s best known brands.

From our UK office, we work behind the profiles of leading restaurants, hotels and other businesses to provide a centre of excellence, managing their reputation across social media. Whether it involves providing exemplary customer service or expertly handling complaints or crisis control, we’re on hand every day to protect and enhance the brands of our clients.

 A screenshot of 3 six five pro limited's homepage showing their logo displayed in the middle.

Which social media management company is right for you?

At the end of the day, the social media management companies you consider should provide the services you need most, at the budget that works for you.

Are you in an industry with unique challenges? Partner with an agency that specializes in your industry to receive stronger, more specific solutions.

Want to refresh your entire social strategy? Look for agencies that offer a variety of in-depth services, from paid social to deep social media audits and SEO.

Use this list to start creating your shortlist of agencies to vet. If you want to learn more about what to consider when choosing an agency, explore our social media marketing agency article next.