sprout social sent message report

As social marketers, we understand the value of driving conversations among your community. Analyzing Sprout Social’s Sent Messages data is an effective way to measure content performance and then make improvements to your overall social content strategy. It’s also important to present data in a way that’s easy to understand, so we’ve cleaned up the Sent Messages Report with a design refresh. The new interface loads faster while offering improved navigation, so you can more easily find and use the data you need most.

Glean Data Across Profiles From a Single Page

Instead of making you go to separate pages for Twitter and Facebook Sprout simplified the design by rolling all profiles into one page. The new right-side navigation bar lets you choose your network, then filter by profile and message type so you can see the content that is most relevant to you. Similar to the previous version, you also can export a CSV file based on your filters right from the navigation bar.

sprout social sent message report

As a bonus, Sprout added the Twitter Favorite count for posts to the CSV file, which eliminates the need for manual calculation and enables users to more easily measure engagement.

View Message-Level Data Right From the Message

Sprout also aggregated all message-level stats and offers easy access while you are already looking at the message itself. Now you can simply click on a message for a drop-down detail of:

  • Twitter: Clicks, Favorites, Responses, Retweets, Replies, Reach and Retweeted by*
  • Facebook: Clicks, Reach, Engaged, Shares (new to the report!), Talking About This, Likes, Comments, Negative Feedback and Engagement
sprout social message level data

*Sprout Tip: Retweeted by shows a list of profiles ordered by most followers to least followers. This order arrangement provides more clarity to users looking to quickly distinguish between followers who have the greatest to least impact on reach.

If you have any questions or feedback on the new look of the Sent Messages Report, give us a shout @SproutSocial.