Going live on social media requires a lot of prep work and for many people can be incredibly nerve wracking and stressful. This means you want to get way more out of your livestream than a single 15- or 30-minute session.

This is why it’s a great idea to repurpose your livestream and use it to create tons of other types of online content that can help you meet your marketing goals throughout a campaign or quarter.

Let’s dive into how you can repurpose your next livestream and get more from your content.

1. Post your livestream to other platforms

If you hosted a livestream on Facebook Live, save the video to your phone or computer–depending on the device you used for your livestream–and then upload it to promote it across other platforms.

You can easily upload that video to your YouTube channel, share with your followers on Twitter, etc.

This can help you to reach an even larger audience with your content because you might have followers on other platforms that aren’t on Facebook.

Plus all you have to do to increase the reach of this content is download the already made video and upload it to a different platform. This won’t take up time and resources with a lot of additional editing or post-production.

2. Trim clips to share on Instagram

Use video editing software or an online trimming tool to help you shave down important tidbits from your original livestream to share on Instagram Stories or add to your profile highlights.

Be sure to find the best 10-15 second quotable video clips that you can share with your Instagram audience and add text captions and other decorative elements using the features available in the Instagram Stories creator.

Text captions are perfect for explaining your main point for viewers who are watching your stories without sound and other decorative elements like stickers, GIFs or even interactive options like polls can be fun for your audience and tie into your existing visual branding.

Here’s a great example of what this could look like with just a couple of elements added in to make your video clip more engaging.

repurpose livestream - add clips to instagram stories

3. Grab screenshots to share teasers on social media

Did you showcase an upcoming product or service launch? Share something exciting for your customers? Use that to your advantage to make anyone who might have missed the broadcast feel a bit of FOMO.

Take screenshots of these enticing sections of your livestream and share them on social media to tease your past live video. You can then share the link to watch the full video, generating even more views and customer engagement long after you’ve finished up broadcasting.

4. Embed your livestream in a blog post

If you went live on Facebook or YouTube, you’re able to grab an embed code for that post and share it on your blog or website. If you were livestreaming an educational topic, this can be a great way to use that content to reach a larger audience.

Create a blog post surrounding the same topic you used in your livestream by sharing more information, linking to related blog posts and resources or even simply transcribing your live video.

This allows your blog readers to decide whether they’d prefer to read the content or watch your video to consume your information. Providing videos for further engagement in your blog content is always a good way to vary your content mix, and this gives you the perfect opportunity to repurpose your livestream.

5. Create branded quote graphics with snippets from your livestream

Branded quote graphics can be a great visual strategy for your Instagram or Pinterest content, and what better way to gather quotes than from your direct quotes in live videos?

Use a graphic design tool to incorporate your brand colors and fonts into a visually appealing quote graphic that you can share on social media and engage your audience with your tips and advice even further.

Take a look at an example of what this could look like for your brand.

repurpose livestream - create branded quotes

You can easily use Sprout Social’s publishing features to help spread out your quote graphics strategically and create a pattern in your Instagram grid.

6. Tweet quotes from your livestream

Twitter is one of the only platforms where you don’t necessarily need to add a photo, link or video to your content in order to generate engagement.

You’ll see Sprout Social’s Twitter using this strategy often, like you see here in this tweet.

repurpose livestream - twitter post with no visuals

This means you can easily tweet quotes from your livestream either with or without quote graphics and still reach a wide enough audience to share your knowledge.

Use Twitter hashtags like #quote or #qotd to reach even more potential followers and customers.

7. Turn your livestream into a podcast episode

If your brand hosts a podcast, you can easily get a new episode simply by repurposing the audio from your livestream. Add in your podcast intro, make a few tweaks to edit out any unnecessary sections – like Q&A from your live video that might not make sense to your podcast listeners – and upload to your podcast host.

Then you can do all of your regular promotion and marketing for the new episode, while reducing the work on your part for the podcast creation.

8. Share your livestream in an email

Use your livestream content in your next email newsletter. Whether you send weekly or monthly newsletters, this is the perfect way to further promote your live video and have a quick and easy topic to center your email content around.

If you had a lead generation component to your livestream, such as collecting contact info for reminders before the event, this is a great way to re-engage with the livestream recording and even additional related content.

If you’ve uploaded your live video to YouTube, you can embed it in your email, or you can take a screenshot or create a cover graphic and let your audience click to view your video.

Be sure to make your email copy as enticing as possible to maximize clicks to your video.

9. Turn clips into GIFs

Have some fun with your content and create some reaction GIFs based off of funny moments from your livestream. You can then use these throughout your social media content strategy to engage your audience and reinforce your brand voice.

There are several online tools that can help you to create your own GIFs and store them in your social content arsenal, such as Sprout’s Asset Library, for sharing when they’re relevant.

repurpose livestream - create gifs

Find some of your best moments throughout, whether it’s the perfect reaction or it’s a quick tidbit of infinite knowledge that you can regularly share online.

Be sure that your GIFs have some form of captions or text since these types of moving image files have no sound. This is also a great way to highlight any notable quotes from the event.

10. Create a mash-up of the best clips

Another great way to repurpose your livestream is to drop it into a video editing software and pull out all of your best clips. This can make your video even more digestible and shareable since you’re able to go back and take out all of the fluff and conversational aspects that go on during a live stream and turn it into a video jam packed with valuable content.

You can then go back through nearly all of the points here to re-share this new mash-up of your original live video.

Additionally, you can go back through your livestream and create a mash-up of all your flubs, um’s, uh’s and any times you may have stumbled over your words to create a fun blooper video to share with your audience.

That’s the whole point of live broadcasting anyway! It’s about as real as it gets, and showing your audience that you, too, make mistakes can help your brand feel more human and authentic.

Repurpose your livestream today

Don’t hesitate to go live on your brand’s social media profiles. Not only is it a great way to connect with your audience, but there are so many other pieces of content that you can get just from one single live video. Never wonder what to do after your livestream again – simply walk through this checklist and start repurposing your video to easily fill out your social calendar.

Plus, live video is considered one of the most engaging types of in-feed social content, according to the latest Sprout Social Index™. Download the full report to learn more about the top social content formats and more insights to fuel your strategies.