With online retail sales on the rise, it has become more difficult for brick and mortar stores to compete with e-commerce giants, such as Amazon. A new app hopes to change that.

Signature launched today to help provide a more personalized retail experience to your customers both in and out of the store. The app – which is currently available for iPhone – delivers up-to-date product information, including new arrivals and updates on preferred items and brands.

Your customers will also receive an in-store greeting that provides a summary of what’s new and any relevant sales or events. Additionally customers will also be able to see when preferred sales associates are in-store, and have the ability to make appointments with or leave messages for associates.

Signature also provides you with an iPad app, which allows your associates to access customer information and the ability to tailor the shopping experience to a customer’s preferences, including favorites and sizes.

By offering a more personal and mobile shopping experience for your customers, you can improve in-store engagement and conversion, which can help you compete against larger online retailers.

The company is currently rolling out pilot deployments and plans to launch with a number of well-known retailers in Spring 2012. To request access to the platform, you should send an email to sales@signaturelabsinc.com.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Annie Mole]