Seeing is believing. If you think sharing images and videos on social media earns you more credibility with your audience, the data is on your side. Including images or videos can more than double or triple the amount of shares that a post receives. Whether it’s a photo, a short video or any other eye-catcher, creative content is critical to any social media strategy.

But behind the scenes, the journey of creating that content and sharing it on social media isn’t always Point A to Point B. Feel free to nod along if you’ve felt the struggles of a lengthy approval process, team members working remotely, files being in the wrong location or all the above. As your team grows and becomes more distributed (both physically and within your business), so do your files–across different platforms, apps and communication channels. Hunting down the files you need can interrupt your day and leave you feeling frustrated.

That’s why Sprout Social partnered with Dropbox to make social media planning even easier. You can now add Dropbox images and videos to your posts directly from Compose on Sprout’s web and mobile apps—making content creation to delivery a direct path.


Uniting content with social

Your day isn’t meant to be spent digging through different emails, Slack messages and spreadsheets looking for files. Stay connected to your team by storing your social-ready images and videos in Dropbox, and get instant access to them in Sprout when you’re ready to plan or publish them on social.

Using Sprout, you can easily schedule and publish new social posts through the Compose window. To try out how Sprout works with Dropbox, click the camera icon from Sprout’s Compose and select Dropbox to attach your media. Once your message is added and you select which network(s) you want to post to, you publish your content now or schedule it to automatically post later.

We’re thrilled to partner with Sprout to bring social content creation and sharing capabilities to Dropbox. We want to help our users accomplish their workflows efficiently and get the most out of their work. By integrating their key tools within Dropbox, users can seamlessly take actions on their content all in one place.
Andy Wilson
Media Principal, Dropbox

Making your content count

Attaching Dropbox files in Sprout not only makes planning easier, but it also unlocks tools that improve your overall social strategy. As you schedule out your images and videos you’ll see a list of recommended times to post. Optimal Send Times regularly analyzes your audience’s engagement patterns and shows the best times to share your content for highest engagement.


Once your posts are live, you can continue to maximize their lifecycles with Sprout’s Engagement and Reporting tools. Sprout’s Smart Inbox helps you see all of your incoming messages and comments across your networks so you can respond to them. See which content is making a splash in the Post Performance Report, and if your posts are working well you can leverage that content by rescheduling it.


A clear runway ahead

There’s already enough inefficiencies in our days. We want to do everything we can to turn the workflows that feel like layovers into simple, nonstop flights. Sprout Social and Dropbox are making that happen by merging the worlds of content creation and social media management. Let us know what you think! Send your thoughts to @SproutSocial and @Dropbox.