Facebook has given musicians a better way to share music with fans by launching a “Listen” button on their Pages.

Social listening has been featured on Facebook since it launched Open Graph apps last September. Members have been able to see what friends are listening to as well as share their current playlists.

Today, the company is taking it a step further by applying a “Listen” button directly to musicians’ Facebook Pages, which enables fans to tune in without leaving the site.

The button, which is located next to the Like and Message buttons, will connect fans to the music service they use the most — such as Spotify and Rdio — and play popular songs from your album. Listening activity will be published to Timeline, which ultimately creates more awareness among fan networks.

It’s too early to tell if Facebook will dive any deeper into music streaming, but this is a great way to keep users on site. Additionally, it’s helpful for any musician with a presence on the social network, as it helps tie your brand together and create more awareness.

[Via:The Next Web, Image credit: Alexandre Normand]