Online video has exploded in popularity in recent years and with the growth of mobile devices that make it easy to watch videos anywhere and anytime, savvy businesses are creating great YouTube channels to meet that rising demand for content.

There are some businesses that are already doing great things on YouTube; here are five businesses with brilliant YouTube channels that you can use for inspiration and ideas as you develop your own branded online video destination.

1. Best Buy

It takes only a second or two on the Best Buy YouTube channel to see why it’s on this list of businesses with brilliant YouTube channels. The branding is done extremely well with the logo and corporate color palette used perfectly. Instead of simply showing a video at the top of the Best Buy YouTube channel home page, visitors are greeted with six videos to choose from in a great design. Using a blue slider beneath the featured videos, visitors can scroll through a wide variety of video content.

A top navigation bar makes it easy to search for videos or find videos by category. As you scroll down the page, you find links to the Best Buy website and social media profiles. Attention-grabbing banners and call outs invite you to join the conversation, watch support videos from Best Buy’s Geek Squad, find a store, and more. Daily deals are also highlighted. Near the bottom of the home page are channel comments and links to other Best Buy branded YouTube channels.

2. Cisco

The Cisco YouTube channel is another example of a very well-designed business YouTube channel that offers a great layout and exceptional navigation. At the top of the channel home page are links to other Cisco YouTube channels as well as social media profile links, so visitors can connect with Cisco through the other tools they like to use.

This information is also included about halfway down the channel home page in a special banner labeled “Social@Cisco.” The banner leads to a page on the Cisco website that offers updates from and links to all of the company’s social media profiles. A top navigation bar with sub-navigation links makes it extremely easy to find content by category. The featured video is displayed to the left of its associated comments, so visitors can see the conversations happening around Cisco’s video content without scrolling.

As you scroll down the Cisco YouTube channel home page, you find a non-standard and nicely designed slideshow of additional video content and links to Cisco’s newest videos and most popular videos. A feature that really stands out on the Cisco YouTube channel is the inclusion of the company’s Twitter feed updates and Facebook Page updates. Not to be forgotten, common YouTube channel home page elements such as subscribers, comments, and recent activity are included near the bottom of the home page.

3. Allstate

The Allstate YouTube channel made it on this list for a different reason than Best Buy and Cisco. Allstate offers a great example of how to turn a successful ad campaign into an extremely popular YouTube channel. Allstate’s “Mayhem” commercials have been very popular, so Allstate used them as the anchor of the company’s YouTube channel. Allstate’s social media profile links are highlighted at the top of the channel home page, including the Mayhem Facebook Page.

However, Allstate doesn’t rely entirely on those commercials. While they’re the bait, the channel actually includes a great deal of useful video content. For example, content is divided into useful playlists such as “how to” videos and safety, teen safe driving, careers, and more. Allstate’s uploaded videos have been viewed over 21 million times — not bad for an insurance company!

4. Kraft

Kraft has several YouTube channels, but its Kraft Cooking School YouTube channel makes it on this list for one reason: meaningful and useful content. Instead of using YouTube simply to upload commercials and promotional content, Kraft created the Kraft Cooking School channel to offer the kind of content its target audience wants and needs. The top navigation bar provides links to videos that make you laugh, as well as to videos that teach you how to make desserts, appetizers, holiday meals, and more. Content is also divided into playlists offering another way to locate the types of videos individual visitors are interested in.

Currently, Kraft includes a banner at the top of its channel home page that invites visitors to Like the Kraft Fight Hunger Facebook Page; the company donates a meal to “Feeding America” in return for every new Like it receives. It’s a great example of incorporating cause marketing in your company’s YouTube channel.

5. Blendtec

A list of businesses doing great things on YouTube wouldn’t be complete without including the Blendtec YouTube channel. With nearly 200 million channel views and 100 videos uploaded since the channel debuted, it’s safe to say that the content Blendtec publishes appeals to a wide audience and is a great example of viral video success.

The reason for Blendtec’s online video success comes from a simple strategy of creating entertaining videos showcasing what its product, a blender, can do. It’s not all that exciting to watch a video demonstrating how a blender can chop food. However, it’s highly entertaining to watch a blender chop up an iPhone or a variety of Justin Bieber merchandise. It’s a brilliant example of using irreverent humor to highlight your product’s benefits.

[Image credits: Rego Korosi, Vincent Brown, Taylor McKnight, Jason Meredith, Niall Kennedy, Robert Scoble]