6 Ways Sprout Social Can Save You Time for the Holidays

During the holiday season, every minute counts. The “most wonderful” time of the year can quickly become the busiest time of year, especially for social media managers who are expected to be fully engaged in the always-on world of social media (regardless of the season).

To help ease that overwhelming feeling, we’ve put together six ways you can use Sprout Social to shave off a few minutes of time spent at work over the next few weeks. How you use that time is up to you: enjoy dinner with your family, sip on some eggnog, or simply curl up on the couch with a movie.

1. Schedule Your Messages Ahead of Time

Nearly every business wants to have a bevy of holly-themed social posts and Santa images in their holiday arsenal. However, you don’t have to come up with those cute tweets during your holiday party. Instead, create your posts in advance and assign them to publish at any time in the future with Sprout Social’s scheduling tools. This means that you can take a couple hours out of your day today to write your proactive social posts for the rest of the year. Then spend that time you saved shopping online for the perfect gift for your mom.

6 Ways Sprout Social Can Save You Time for the Holidays

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2. Use Sprout’s Mobile Push Notifications for Immediate Updates

Many consumer product or retail brands see a spike in inbound messages over the holidays. If you’re one of those brands, it can feel like half of your time off for the holidays is spent checking your profiles and applications. To ease that stress, you can set up your push notifications within Sprout to immediately notify you of activity that requires your attention, such as:

  • Twitter mentions or direct messages per each attached profile
  • A teammate assigns a task to you
  • The status of a task changes
  • Someone comments on a task in the platform

Read all about this new feature on our push notification blog post.

3. Use the Smart Inbox to Quickly Respond to Inbound Messages

Trust us, your email inbox will be overwhelming enough over the holidays. An overwhelming social inbox is the last thing you want to deal with. Luckily, Sprout Social’s new Smart Inbox streamlines your social messages. The latest features make it easy to quickly and efficiently identify which messages you need to deal with instead of trying to dig through hundreds of tweets and updates.

Check out all of the new inbox’s capabilities on the Smart Inbox blog post.

4. Get Help from the Team with Collaboration Tools

If and when you do go offline, it is important to have a team of people to help pick up any slack. Rest a little easier by utilizing Sprout’s collaboration features that enable you to:

  • Assign tasks to the proper teams or departments
  • Schedule social posts and view what the rest of the team has scheduled
  • Watch in real time as the rest of the team works within the Smart Inbox

For more details on how Sprout Social integrates with teams, check out our post on how to foster collaboration.

5. Quickly Sneak Off with Sprout’s Mobile App

It can be time-consuming and annoying to lug around your computer and constantly excuse yourself to check your inbox during holiday parties. Sprout’s mobile app gives you access to the same robust social media management platform as the desktop to help you manage efficiently from remote locations. You’ll see all the familiar features:

  • Inbox: Easily monitor inbound social messages by profile, network, or brand keyword.
  • Tasks: If you find an opportunity that you don’t have time to respond to, task it to a teammate.
  • Feeds: Quickly skim your social media feeds for new opportunities.
  • Publishing: Schedule or send out topical social media posts to breathe new life into your previously scheduled messages.

So now when you have a few extra minutes before exchanging gifts or while dinner is cooking, you can sneak off to take advantage of these features. Check out all of our mobile app features here.

6. Instantly Download Presentation-Ready Reports

Those time-consuming year-end reports just got a lot easier and more beautiful. What used to mean hours of collecting data and analyzing spreadsheets can now simply be pulled from Sprout’s Reports tab. Sprout Social offers unlimited presentation-ready social media reports. These exportable social reports are designed to make social media analytics data digestible and ready to share.

Using Sprout to Refine Your Content Strategy

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It’s a Community Manager Holiday!

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