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When Paid Meets Organic: Your Complete Guide to Building a B2B LinkedIn Strategy [Webinar]

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With 760+ million professional users, it’s almost guaranteed that your audience is on LinkedIn. The ability to target people by company, job title and years of experience is key for B2B businesses who want to give their audiences the right content and context. So, how do you determine what type of content works best for them on the network…and how do paid and organic social media fit into a strategy?

In this webinar, Sprout’s own paid and organic dream team—Rachael Samuels, Senior Manager of Social Media and Digital Marketing, and Maggie Anderson, Digital Marketing Lead— team up with LinkedIn’s Keith Bernard, Agency & Channel Partner Education Consultant, to answer these questions and share examples of companies + individuals they’ve seen achieve success on the network.

After this webinar, you’ll walk away with a deep knowledge in:

  • Finding and reaching your target audience
  • A/B testing and targeting capabilities
  • LinkedIn post performance and native reporting


Keith Bernard

Agency & Channel Partner Education Consultant LinkedIn

Keith Bernard is an Agency & Channel Education Lead at LinkedIn, responsible for ensuring its customers and partners are knowledgeable about the wide array of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions products. He’s joined the company a little over four years ago, initially as a sales lead on its former Programmatic team. Keith has dedicated most of his career to the digital marketing ecosystem.

Maggie Anderson

Digital Marketing Lead Sprout Social

Maggie Anderson is a Digital Marketing Lead that oversees all paid media at Sprout Social. Maggie has been in the paid media world for 7 years and has been a part of every aspect of strategizing, executing, optimizing and reporting out on various paid media initiatives. When she isn’t working on the next paid media strategy, she is enjoying time cooking, baking and planning her family’s next vacation!

Rachael Samuels

Manager, Social Media Sprout Social

Rachael is the Manager of Social Media at Sprout Social and was a mega Sprout fan and user prior to joining the team. Her main focus is to strategize and maintain our own social presence. Outside of work, Rachael is an avid squirrel enthusiast and massive meme-aholic! @RachaelSamuels

Sydney Brock Nielsen

Strategist, Agency Marketing Sprout Social

Sydney Brock Nielsen is an Agency Marketing Strategist on the Customer Marketing team at Sprout Social. When she isn’t busy thinking up new ways to help our Agency Partners grow their businesses and broaden their skill sets, you can find her sewing up a storm. @sproutsydney