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Meet us in the metaverse

Sprout invites you to the metaverse

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Session time: 30 minutes

We can’t wait to meet you in the metaverse! Fill out the form to request a meeting and your Sprout Social rep will be in touch to find a day and time that works best for you. In the meantime, we’ll ship your Oculus and send you the tracking information.

What you need to know before the meeting:

  • When it’s time to set up your Oculus, you’ll need to log in using a personal or professional Facebook account (10-15 minutes set up time required).
  • You’ll then need to download the Oculus app to your phone
  • The VR meeting takes place in Horizon Workrooms, a VR conference room environment created by Oculus. Use your business email when signing in so it recognizes the invitation from us. Then download the Horizon Workrooms app to your Oculus. 
  • Once your VR meeting is scheduled, we’ll send you an invitation to join your personal Horizon Workroom (10-15 minutes set up time required).
  • Once your Oculus arrives, you will receive detailed set up instructions that follow the steps listed above

If you need assistance with any of the set up or have questions, please contact Sprout’s Enterprise Marketing Director, Kitty Borelli at:

We’ll “see” you soon!