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How to Craft a Social Commerce Strategy [Free Interview Guide]

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Ninety-three percent of executives agree that social media commerce is an increasing portion of their company’s marketing-driven revenue. As major platforms continue to roll out social commerce features, social media leaders will be tapped to integrate sales and e-commerce goals throughout their social strategies, campaigns and reporting.

Stepping into this space will require research, strategy and most importantly, cross-functional collaboration. Use this interview tool to:

  • Guide conversations with business executives, marketing leadership, sales and product teams that will help you build your social commerce strategy.
  • Uncover what your brand needs to prioritize as you enter the next frontier of social.
  • Align cross-functionally to ensure a more seamless social commerce roll-out.

Social commerce will transform the way brands and consumers connect, allowing teams to prove social ROI like never before.

Download the social commerce strategy interview guide and prepare to boost sales today.


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