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Sprout Social Index: Social Media Trends for 2022 and Beyond [Webinar]

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Session time: 1 hour

Social media teams have come a long way in the past few years. In 2019, teams were still trying to convince senior leadership that social media was business-critical and struggling to get access to tools, resources and budget. Now, in post-pandemic 2022, the value of social is clearer than ever.

Nine years ago, we released the first Sprout Social Index, a trends data report helping social marketers understand how social media has transformed both sides of the marketing equation. With every report since, we’ve learned that social moves quickly. Trends, platforms and use cases are constantly changing and it’s hard to keep up.

In one of Sprout’s most popular webinars, we’ll share key findings from our 2022 Index report, chat about shifts in consumer behavior and discuss how marketers can overcome the changing nature of social media to more deeply align with their consumers.

Walk away from this webinar understanding:

  1. Consumer and marketer trends for 2022
  2. How to build trust through your brand
  3. New tech and platforms to keep an eye on


Mike Blight

Mike Blight

Senior Market Research and Insights Manager Sprout Social

Mike Blight is the Senior Market Research and Insights Manager focused on social media trends, research and data-driven content. His love language is sharing TikToks, the NBA and spending time with his kids.

Sarah Corley

Sarah Corley

Demand Generation Strategist Sprout Social

Sarah Corley is the Demand Generation Strategist at Sprout Social. When she isn’t rocking the marketing world you’ll find her A) cooking/baking up a storm, B) with her nose in a book, C) wine tasting, D) playing piano or E) all of the above. Sarah’s claim to fame is setting a Guinness World Record when she worked for Nestle Toll House. @srcorley