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How to Transform B2B Marketing with Personality and Emotion – With LinkedIn [Webinar]

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Session time: 1 hour

Did you know that emotional marketing can be seven times more effective for your business? If you’ve seen any of the socially-savvy B2C companies on Twitter, this probably doesn’t surprise you. Marketing with personality is as appealing as it is memorable–which is exactly the note good marketing should strike.

If only it were so easy for B2B, right? Well, it might be time to think again. A 2021 study ‘Emotion on LinkedIn’ from LinkedIn customer data has shown that brands in tech who utilize emotive marketing boasted a 25% higher engagement rate compared to the rest of tech. But in a world where this style of marketing has been proven as desirable, it still remains critically underutilized. This means there’s a real opportunity for your business to stand out and gain competitive advantage.

You will learn:

  • Why B2B business has transformed, and how your marketing can too
  • How to optimize your LinkedIn strategy for emotion and personality
  • The challenges of emotional marketing and how to do it well


Brad Janitz

Sr. Global Product Marketing Manager Motorola Solutions

Brad has been in B2B and B2G product marketing for almost a decade. At Motorola Solutions, he leads teams that launch and manage the marketing lifecycle for a diverse portfolio of products that are used across the world every day to keep people safe. When not tweaking messaging and content, you can find Brad loyally cheering for Illini Football.

Cat Anderson

International Head of Marketing Sprout Social

Cat is the Head of International Marketing at Sprout Social. She’s passionate about innovation and creating authentic experiences through digital marketing. Besides marketing, Cat enjoys live music in all its forms and training her terrier pup.

Tom Boston

Brand Awareness Manager Salesloft

Tom Boston is the Brand Awareness Manager at Salesloft. Producing weekly content that salespeople love. His role sees him spreading the word on the power of a sales engagement platform, whilst empowering salespeople to sell better with social media.

Wensy Antoli

Senior Creative Strategist LinkedIn

Wensy endeavours to surface and tell inspiring stories in all the ways they’re told – through words, pictures, moving image, experiences and everything in-between. Wensy is passionate about visual content and its power to drive emotional impact and action. At LinkedIn, she helps brands and agencies unlock the creative potential of the platform, via creative exploration, ideation and collaboration.