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9 Ways Nonprofits Can Nail It On Social


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Most nonprofits are strapped for resources and need creative, cost-efficient ways to engage with their audience. That’s why many nonprofits rely on social media to build awareness for their specific causes and grow their bases of support. But where do you start? And how can you stand out?

Join our webinar with guest speaker Kalle Eko of MacArthur Foundation, as we discuss best practices nonprofits should follow when building (or optimizing!) their social strategy. You’ll learn:

  • The challenges facing nonprofit organizations today 
  • How to use social to engage with and expand your audience 
  • Real-world examples from nonprofits who get it right 

The Presenters

Jillian Eyl

Manager, Demand Generation
Sprout Social

Jillian Eyl is the Manager of Demand Generation at Sprout Social where she oversees the design, development and execution of programs that generate leads for the sales force. Prior to joining Sprout, she managed Demand Generation programs at SAVO and was a Teach For America Corps Member in Milwaukee where she developed a knack for solving tough problems (and a keen appreciation for cheese curds). Find her on Twitter @msbiz_chicago

Kalle Eko

Social Media Associate, Communications
MacArthur Foundation

Kalle oversees the content and strategic planning for MacArthur Foundation's social media spaces. Prior to his role at MacArthur, he worked as the Senior Online Media Specialist for City Colleges of Chicago (CCC). He's also served as the Online Media Fellow in the Congressional campaign of Tammy Duckworth and was the first Social Media Fellow in Chicago’s City Hall in the office of Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Find him on Twitter @kalleeko